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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Mapping of Python objects to Redis datatypes for Marcel
:copyright: (c) 2011 By Ori Livneh
:license: GPLv3, see LICENSE for more details.
from datetime import datetime
from uuid import uuid5, NAMESPACE_URL
import dateutil.parser
from flask import session
from marcel import redis
class User(object):
""" Represents a Marcel user / author """
def __init__(self, uuid=None, openid=None):
""" Creates a User instance; one of `uuid` or `openid` is required """
if uuid:
self.uuid = uuid
elif openid:
self.uuid = uuid5(NAMESPACE_URL, openid)
raise TypeError("Either a uuid or an openid is required")
self.key = "marcel:user:%s" % self.uuid
def from_session(self):
""" Gets the current user based on the value of `openid` in the session
context """
return User(openid=session['openid'])
def exists(self):
""" Check whether or not User exists in Redis """
return redis.exists(self.key)
def get(self):
""" Retrieve a User from Redis """
return redis.hgetall(self.key)
def set(self, **kwargs):
""" Store User attributes in Redis """
redis.hmset(self.key, {key: val for key, val in kwargs.items() if val})
class EntryManager(object):
The EntryManager class manages both requests and offers.
def __init__(self, type):
""" Instantiates a manager for `type` entry type """
self.type = type
def get(self, uid):
""" Retrieves record `uid` from Redis """
item = redis.hgetall("marcel:%s:%s" % (self.type, uid))
item['type'] = self.type
item['pubdate'] = dateutil.parser.parse(item['pubdate'])
return item
def all(self):
""" Gets all records of type self.type """
keys = redis.lrange(name="marcel:%s" % self.type, start=0, end=-1)
items = [self.get(uid) for uid in keys]
return items
def add(self, user, summary, details, contact_info, pubdate=None):
""" Adds a new entry """
if pubdate is None:
pubdate =
# TODO(Ori): Should we batch these into a single transaction?
uid = redis.incr("marcel:%s:next_uid" % self.type)
redis.rpush("marcel:%s" % self.type, uid)
redis.hmset("marcel:%s:%s" % (self.type, uid), {
'user': user.uuid,
'summary': summary,
'details': details,
'contact_info': contact_info,
'pubdate': pubdate
return uid
# Initialize managers for the two types of entries we have:
requests = EntryManager("request")
offers = EntryManager("offer")