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This repository bundles a set of vim scripts for MediaWiki editing so that they can be used with a Vim plugin manager such as Pathogen or Vundle. The scripts were all gathered from Wikipedia:Text editor support and are thus available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Credit for these scripts belongs to Aepd87, Danny373, Ingo Karkat and other contributors. The installation instructions were adapted from the documentation for Command-T, a Vim plug-in by Wincent Colaiuta.


If you manage your entire ~/.vim folder using Git then you can add the vim-mediawiki repository as a submodule:

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add git:// bundle/mediawiki
git submodule init

Or if you just wish to do a simple clone instead of using submodules:

cd ~/.vim
git clone git:// bundle/mediawiki

Once you have a local copy of the repository you can update it at any time with:

cd ~/.vim/bundle/mediawiki
git pull