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45 README.mkd
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+This repository bundles a set of vim scripts for MediaWiki editing so that they
+can be used with a Vim plugin manager such as [Pathogen][0] or [Vundle][1]. The
+scripts were all gathered from [Wikipedia:Text editor support][2] and are thus
+available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
+Credit for these scripts belongs to [Aepd87][3], [Danny373][4], [Ingo
+Karkat][5] and other contributors. The installation instructions were adapted
+from the documentation for [Command-T][6], a Vim plug-in by Wincent Colaiuta.
+If you manage your entire `~/.vim` folder using Git then you can add the
+vim-mediawiki repository as a submodule:
+cd ~/.vim
+git submodule add git:// bundle/mediawiki
+git submodule init
+Or if you just wish to do a simple clone instead of using submodules:
+cd ~/.vim
+git clone git:// bundle/mediawiki
+Once you have a local copy of the repository you can update it at any time
+cd ~/.vim/bundle/mediawiki
+git pull
+ [0]
+ [1]
+ [2]
+ [3]
+ [4]
+ [5]
+ [6]
4 ftdetect/mediawiki.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+au BufRead,BufNewFile *.wiki set filetype=mediawiki
+au BufRead,BufNewFile ** set filetype=mediawiki
+au BufRead,BufNewFile ** set filetype=mediawiki
+au BufRead,BufNewFile ** set filetype=mediawiki
27 ftplugin/mediawiki.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+" utf-8 should be set if not already done globally
+setlocal fileencoding=utf-8
+setlocal matchpairs+=<:>
+" Treat lists, indented text and tables as comment lines and continue with the
+" same formatting in the next line (i.e. insert the comment leader) when hitting
+" <CR> or using "o".
+setlocal comments=n:#,n:*,n:\:,s:{\|,m:\|,ex:\|}
+setlocal formatoptions+=roq
+" match HTML tags (taken directly from $VIM/ftplugin/html.vim)
+if exists("loaded_matchit")
+ let b:match_ignorecase=0
+ let b:match_skip = 's:Comment'
+ let b:match_words = '<:>,' .
+ \ '<\@<=[ou]l\>[^>]*\%(>\|$\):<\@<=li\>:<\@<=/[ou]l>,' .
+ \ '<\@<=dl\>[^>]*\%(>\|$\):<\@<=d[td]\>:<\@<=/dl>,' .
+ \ '<\@<=\([^/][^ \t>]*\)[^>]*\%(>\|$\):<\@<=/\1>'
+" Other useful mappings
+" Insert a matching = automatically while starting a new header.
+inoremap <buffer> <silent> = <C-R>=(getline('.')==''\|\|getline('.')=~'^=\+$')?"==\<Lt>Left>":"="<CR>
+" Enable folding based on ==sections==
+setlocal foldexpr=getline(v:lnum)=~'^\\(=\\+\\)[^=]\\+\\1\\(\\s*<!--.*-->\\)\\=\\s*$'?\">\".(len(matchstr(getline(v:lnum),'^=\\+'))-1):\"=\"
+setlocal fdm=expr
293 syntax/mediawiki.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,293 @@
+" mediawiki.vim (formerly named Wikipedia.vim)
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: MediaWiki,
+" Maintainer: This syntax file needs a maintainer in order to ship
+" with Vim. Please contact [[User:Unforgettableid]] if you want
+" to volunteer.
+" Home:
+" Last Change: 2011 Sep 19
+" Credits: [[User:Aepd87]], [[User:Danny373]], [[User:Ingo Karkat]], et al.
+" Published on Wikipedia in 2003-04 and declared authorless.
+" Based on the HTML syntax file. Probably too closely based, in fact.
+" There may well be name collisions everywhere, but ignorance is bliss,
+" so they say.
+" To do: plug-in support for downloading and uploading to the server.
+if !exists("main_syntax")
+ if version < 600
+ syntax clear
+ elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+ endif
+ let main_syntax = "html"
+syntax case ignore
+if v:version >= 700
+ syntax spell toplevel
+" Mark illegal characters
+sy match htmlError "[<>&]"
+" Tags
+sy region htmlString contained start=+"+ end=+"+ contains=htmlSpecialChar,@htmlPreproc
+sy region htmlString contained start=+'+ end=+'+ contains=htmlSpecialChar,@htmlPreproc
+sy match htmlValue contained "=[\t ]*[^'" \t>][^ \t>]*"hs=s+1 contains=@htmlPreproc
+sy region htmlEndTag start=+</+ end=+>+ contains=htmlTagN,htmlTagError
+sy region htmlTag start=+<[^/]+ end=+>+ contains=htmlTagN,htmlString,htmlArg,htmlValue,htmlTagError,htmlEvent,htmlCssDefinition,@htmlPreproc,@htmlArgCluster
+sy match htmlTagN contained +<\s*[-a-zA-Z0-9]\++hs=s+1 contains=htmlTagName,htmlSpecialTagName,@htmlTagNameCluster
+sy match htmlTagN contained +</\s*[-a-zA-Z0-9]\++hs=s+2 contains=htmlTagName,htmlSpecialTagName,@htmlTagNameCluster
+sy match htmlTagError contained "[^>]<"ms=s+1
+" Allowed HTML tag names
+sy keyword htmlTagName contained big blockquote br caption center cite code
+sy keyword htmlTagName contained dd del div dl dt font hr ins li
+sy keyword htmlTagName contained ol p pre rb rp rt ruby s small span strike sub
+sy keyword htmlTagName contained sup table td th tr tt ul var
+sy match htmlTagName contained "\<\(b\|i\|u\|h[1-6]\|em\|strong\)\>"
+" Allowed Wiki tag names
+sy keyword htmlTagName contained math nowiki references source syntaxhighlight
+" Allowed arg names
+sy keyword htmlArg contained align lang dir width height nowrap bgcolor clear
+sy keyword htmlArg contained noshade cite datetime size face color type start
+sy keyword htmlArg contained value compact summary border frame rules
+sy keyword htmlArg contained cellspacing cellpadding valign char charoff
+sy keyword htmlArg contained colgroup col span abbr axis headers scope rowspan
+sy keyword htmlArg contained colspan id class name style title
+" Special characters
+sy match htmlSpecialChar "&#\=[0-9A-Za-z]\{1,8};"
+" Comments
+sy region htmlComment start=+<!+ end=+>+ contains=htmlCommentPart,htmlCommentError
+sy match htmlCommentError contained "[^><!]"
+sy region htmlCommentPart contained start=+--+ end=+--\s*+ contains=@htmlPreProc
+sy region htmlComment start=+<!DOCTYPE+ keepend end=+>+
+if !exists("html_no_rendering")
+ sy cluster htmlTop contains=@Spell,htmlTag,htmlEndTag,htmlSpecialChar,htmlPreProc,htmlComment,htmlLink,@htmlPreproc
+ sy region htmlBold start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderline,htmlBoldItalic
+ sy region htmlBold start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderline,htmlBoldItalic
+ sy region htmlBoldUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ sy region htmlBoldItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldItalicUnderline
+ sy region htmlBoldItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldItalicUnderline
+ sy region htmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlBoldItalicUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ sy region htmlUnderline start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBold,htmlUnderlineItalic
+ sy region htmlUnderlineBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBoldItalic
+ sy region htmlUnderlineBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineBoldItalic
+ sy region htmlUnderlineItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineItalicBold
+ sy region htmlUnderlineItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop,htmlUnderlineItalicBold
+ sy region htmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlItalic start="<i\>" end="</i>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBold,htmlItalicUnderline
+ sy region htmlItalic start="<em\>" end="</em>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlItalicBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBoldUnderline
+ sy region htmlItalicBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicBoldUnderline
+ sy region htmlItalicBoldUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlItalicUnderline contained start="<u\>" end="</u>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop,htmlItalicUnderlineBold
+ sy region htmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="<b\>" end="</b>"me=e-4 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="<strong\>" end="</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH1 start="<h1\>" end="</h1>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH2 start="<h2\>" end="</h2>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH3 start="<h3\>" end="</h3>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH4 start="<h4\>" end="</h4>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH5 start="<h5\>" end="</h5>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+ sy region htmlH6 start="<h6\>" end="</h6>"me=e-5 contains=@htmlTop
+" No htmlTop and wikiPre inside HTML preformatted areas, because
+" MediaWiki renders everything in there literally (HTML tags and
+" entities, too): <pre> tags work as the combination of <nowiki> and
+" the standard HTML <pre> tag: the content will preformatted, and it
+" will not be parsed, but shown as in the wikitext source.
+" With wikiPre, indented lines would be rendered differently from
+" unindented lines.
+sy match htmlPreTag /<pre>/ contains=htmlTag
+sy match htmlPreEndTag /<\/pre>/ contains=htmlEndTag
+sy match wikiNowikiTag /<nowiki>/ contains=htmlTag
+sy match wikiNowikiEndTag /<\/nowiki>/ contains=htmlEndTag
+sy match wikiSourceTag /<source\s\+[^>]\+>/ contains=htmlTag
+sy match wikiSourceEndTag /<\/source>/ contains=htmlEndTag
+sy match wikiSyntaxHLTag /<syntaxhighlight\s\+[^>]\+>/ contains=htmlTag
+sy match wikiSyntaxHLEndTag /<\/syntaxhighlight>/ contains=htmlEndTag
+" Note: Cannot use 'start="<pre>"rs=e', so still have the <pre> tag
+" highlighted correctly via separate sy-match. Unfortunately, this will
+" also highlight <pre> tags inside the preformatted region.
+sy region htmlPre start="<pre>" end="<\/pre>"me=e-6 contains=htmlPreTag
+sy region wikiNowiki start="<nowiki>" end="<\/nowiki>"me=e-9 contains=wikiNowikiTag
+sy region wikiSource start="<source\s\+[^>]\+>" keepend end="<\/source>"me=e-9 contains=wikiSourceTag
+sy region wikiSyntaxHL start="<syntaxhighlight\s\+[^>]\+>" keepend end="<\/syntaxhighlight>"me=e-18 contains=wikiSyntaxHLTag
+sy include @TeX syntax/tex.vim
+sy region wikiTeX matchgroup=htmlTag start="<math>" end="<\/math>" contains=@texMathZoneGroup,wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiRef matchgroup=htmlTag start="<ref>" end="<\/ref>" contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy cluster wikiTop contains=@Spell,wikiLink,wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiItalic start=+'\@<!'''\@!+ end=+''+ oneline contains=@wikiTop,wikiItalicBold
+sy region wikiBold start=+'''+ end=+'''+ oneline contains=@wikiTop,wikiBoldItalic
+sy region wikiBoldAndItalic start=+'''''+ end=+'''''+ oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiBoldItalic contained start=+'\@<!'''\@!+ end=+''+ oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiItalicBold contained start=+'''+ end=+'''+ oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH1 start="^=" end="=" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH2 start="^==" end="==" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH3 start="^===" end="===" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH4 start="^====" end="====" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH5 start="^=====" end="=====" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiH6 start="^======" end="======" oneline contains=@wikiTop
+sy region wikiLink start="\[\[" end="\]\]\(s\|'s\|es\|ing\|\)" oneline contains=wikiLink,wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[http:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[https:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[ftp:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[gopher:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[news:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiLink start="\[mailto:" end="\]" oneline contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy region wikiTemplate start="{{" end="}}" contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+sy match wikiParaFormatChar /^[\:|\*|;|#]\+/
+sy match wikiParaFormatChar /^-----*/
+sy match wikiPre /^\ .*$/ contains=wikiNowiki,wikiNowikiEndTag
+" HTML highlighting
+if version < 508
+ command! -nargs=+ HtmlHiLink hi link <args>
+ command! -nargs=+ HtmlHiLink hi def link <args>
+if version >= 508 || !exists("did_html_syn_inits")
+ HtmlHiLink htmlTag Function
+ HtmlHiLink htmlEndTag Identifier
+ HtmlHiLink htmlArg Type
+ HtmlHiLink htmlTagName htmlStatement
+ HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialTagName Exception
+ HtmlHiLink htmlValue String
+ HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialChar Special
+ if !exists("html_no_rendering")
+ HtmlHiLink htmlTitle Title
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH1 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH2 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH3 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH4 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH5 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlH6 htmlTitle
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreProc PreProc
+ HtmlHiLink htmlHead htmlPreProc
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreProcAttrName htmlPreProc
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreStmt htmlPreProc
+ HtmlHiLink htmlSpecial Special
+ HtmlHiLink htmlCssDefinition htmlSpecial
+ HtmlHiLink htmlEvent htmlSpecial
+ HtmlHiLink htmlSpecialChar htmlSpecial
+ HtmlHiLink htmlComment Comment
+ HtmlHiLink htmlCommentPart htmlComment
+ HtmlHiLink htmlCssStyleComment htmlComment
+ HtmlHiLink htmlString String
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreAttr htmlString
+ HtmlHiLink htmlValue htmlString
+ HtmlHiLink htmlError Error
+ HtmlHiLink htmlBadArg htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlBadTag htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlCommentError htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreError htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlPreProcAttrError htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlTagError htmlError
+ HtmlHiLink htmlStatement Statement
+ HtmlHiLink htmlConstant Constant
+ HtmlHiLink htmlBoldItalicUnderline htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineItalicBold htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineBoldItalic htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlItalicBoldUnderline htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlItalicUnderlineBold htmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlItalicBold htmlBoldItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlItalicUnderline htmlUnderlineItalic
+ HtmlHiLink htmlUnderlineBold htmlBoldUnderline
+ HtmlHiLink htmlLink Underlined
+ if !exists("html_my_rendering")
+ hi def htmlBold term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
+ hi def htmlBoldUnderline term=bold,underline cterm=bold,underline gui=bold,underline
+ hi def htmlBoldItalic term=bold,italic cterm=bold,italic gui=bold,italic
+ hi def htmlBoldUnderlineItalic term=bold,italic,underline cterm=bold,italic,underline gui=bold,italic,underline
+ hi def htmlUnderline term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
+ hi def htmlUnderlineItalic term=italic,underline cterm=italic,underline gui=italic,underline
+ hi def htmlItalic term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic
+ endif
+ endif " !exists("html_no_rendering")
+ if version < 508
+ let did_html_syn_inits = 1
+ endif
+endif " version >= 508 || !exists("did_html_syn_inits")
+" Wiki highlighting
+HtmlHiLink wikiItalic htmlItalic
+HtmlHiLink wikiBold htmlBold
+HtmlHiLink wikiBoldItalic htmlBoldItalic
+HtmlHiLink wikiItalicBold htmlBoldItalic
+HtmlHiLink wikiBoldAndItalic htmlBoldItalic
+HtmlHiLink wikiH1 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiH2 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiH3 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiH4 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiH5 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiH6 htmlTitle
+HtmlHiLink wikiLink htmlLink
+HtmlHiLink wikiTemplate htmlSpecial
+HtmlHiLink wikiParaFormatChar htmlSpecial
+HtmlHiLink wikiPre htmlConstant
+HtmlHiLink wikiRef htmlComment
+HtmlHiLink wikiSource wikiPre
+HtmlHiLink wikiSyntaxHL wikiPre
+let b:current_syntax = "html"
+delcommand HtmlHiLink
+if main_syntax == "html"
+ unlet main_syntax
+" vim: set et sts=2 sw=2:

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