A collection of example code from the ITP Residents
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ITP Resident Examples

A repository of useful code created by ITP Resident Researchers.

Serial Communication

Send multiple values over serial from Processing to Arduino

Processing Text Tricks

Keeping track of pressed keys (chars) in an ArrayList of Strings

Basic Processing Graphics

Controlling the center of rotation in Processing

Masking an image with a gradient.

Generating a gradient using an OpenGL texture

Gettng the red, green, or blue color channels from a PImage

Triangulating a position using pixel colors

Determining the position of a point based on signal strength from 4-detectors with vectors

Crazy Ruby

Automatically print new files that are added to a folde

Ruby String Tricks

Loop over the characters of a string with a for-in style loop.

Ruby Web Scraping

Extract all the headlines on nytimes.com using Nokogiri

Get the text of product reviews on Amazon

Sinatra S3

Upload Image to S3 via Sinatra and save in Datamapper

Sinatra Email

Send email from your Sinatra app on Heroku

Sinatra Deployment

Deploy your sinatra app from ITP to Heroku

Sinatra Security

Storing an encrypted password and using it for basic auth

Processing Video Examples

scrubbing a video file based on mouse movement

Accessing FaceTracker OSC messages and camera image in Processing

Processing 3D examples

Display a 3D model from an OBJ file

3D with inner rotation

Basic 3D rectangle

Processing Sound Examples

Applying a band pass filter to an mp3 using minim

Processing PGraphics Examples

Example of a function for creating PGraphics from text so you can manipulate its pixels

Converting a string into a PGraphics so you can manipulate it as an image.

OpenFrameworks Pixel Distances

Find the distance from a point to a line, use that to find the strip of pixels at the border of a polygon. Based on Paul Bourke’s method for finding the distance from a point to a line.


Using Parallax Memsic2125 Dual Axis Accelerometer to using Y Axis to control a servo with smoothening