Examples of Applying Bayes Rule in Processing
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Examples of Applying Bayes Rule in Processing

This repository collects a series of Processing sketches demonstrating the use Bayes Rule. It was created as part of Makematics at ITP in Fall 2012.

What follows is a description of the sketches contained herein:

A Basic Demonstration of Bayes Rule

Expressed in the classic form of an imperfect test for a rare disease. Calculates all four probabilities possible with the two different test results.

Bayesian Localization

A demonstration of determining the position of a "robot" in 1 dimension given a set of uncertain sensor readings.

Video here.

This was adapted from Unit 1 of Sebastian Thrun's Udacity Self-Driving Car class

Bayesian Spam Filtering

An implementation of Paul Graham's classic technique from A Plan for Spam. Adapted from this java implementation by Dan Shiffman.