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project roadmap

  1. refactor arduino_sketch.rb
  2. improved documentation:
    • i2c, eeprom, advanced hardware stuff
    • examples directory with screencasts
    • map of the project
    • how to use a plugin
    • how to write a plugin?
  3. simulator
  4. arduino_sketch testing framework
  5. software serial transmit/receive as plugins
  6. investigate ladyada event-driven software serial library
  7. Stepper Motor Library adapted and working 7/24/2008 – needs integrating under “output_pins”

Maybe Someday:

  • screencasts for examples
  • hardware dev board

library collisions:

  • hardware needs
  • function namespace collisions

extend RubyToC

Tour of framework code (stub)

  • implement class methods for setup using string concatenation based on user options
  • process external variables:
    • find external variables
    • strip off the parens

rad core mailing list?