My RAD projects for other people to learn from and me not to lose
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My RAD (Ruby Arduino Development) Projects

Get started with RAD

Git Bell

[13 February 2009]

RAD script and desktop client code for making a bell ring when you commit code with git. Includes an example post-commit hook script using the client code to ring the bell. Client code sends a serial message for which the Dorkboard is listening. Dorkboard used because of its fast startup time. See Defunkt's guide to post-commit hooks for details on the git mechanism.

Dorkboard Test

[8 February 2009]

Serial hello world with Dorkboard. Includes config/hardware.yml with the right settings for Dorkboard (for my OS X machine, at least). Dorkboard is a local Portland homegrown freeduino. It is notable for its incredibly tiny form factor and its super fast startup time. More about the Dorkboard.

Arkx and Templarx

[3 Februrary 2009]

RAD script and serial client code for controlling the Archaeopteryx probabilistic MIDI sequencer. Blog post here. Templarx has its own GitHub project.