Authenticate MySQL users to your AD/LDAP directory
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A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator (ateam_mysql_ldap_auth) is an authentication
plugin for MySQL 5.5.7 and up, and has been extensively tested with 5.6
under FreeBSD but should work fine under Linux as well with a few tweaks,
patches are welcome!

This module allows you to create MySQL users that are then authenticated
against an LDAP server. This reduces administrative overhead and eliminates
your users having to remember a seperate username and password for MySQL.
LDAP authenticated users behave no different permission wise than 'local'
users in terms of GRANT and DB permissions.

The configuration file is flexible enough to support almost any LDAP
directory including OpenLDAP or Active Directory.

The plugin requires MySQL 5.5.7 and up. It is compiled as an add on module
and does not require you to alter the MySQL source code or recompile the
entire server. The plugin uses the OpenLDAP library to interface with a

Just like MySQL Enterprise's PAM module, for client side authentication
this plugin uses the clear_text password module as the LDAP server must
perform the password hasing and comparison.  See INSTALL for more details.

This is a fork of the fork of original mysql-auth_ldap project:

It was forked and modified by mike1703 at: