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wænd platform,


At the very first you need a running PostGIS enabled database, see for instructions.

And Redis server. See

Then to get dependencies, run the following command from the root of the repository.

npm install

Once you're there, you might want to setup the database schema with the following command

psql $DB_NAME < sql/schema.sql

install browserify, see

set configuration by copying config_example.json into config.json and editing at your will

then compile the javascript files with:

mkdir bin
browserify app/src/wmap.js  > bin/wmap.js
browserify app/src/wview.js  > bin/wview.js
browserify app/src/libworker.js  > bin/libworker.js

Hey, you're done!


The program does not serve assets. You have to provide them through other means, here we use nginx for this purpose.

If needed, check if started with

sudo service nginx status

and if needed, start it with

sudo service nginx start

Once it's set

npm start

Go to to create a new user, than enjoy

The part can be configured, and used locally. By example, to be able to access it through http://waend.local, create a text file named waend.local in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled and copy the content of the example file documentation/site-enabled-example/waend.local. Edit it according to your own system (tip : the "pierre" must probably be changed...).

Errors & tips

You will probably need node 10, the newer versions returns errors with some modules.

To install a specific version of node with brew, use :

brew tap homebrew/versions

Then search for your desired package:

brew search node

This might give you the follow results:

node nodebrew leafnode nodenv

And then install the desired version:

brew install homebrew/versions/node012

Which installs the latest node 0.12.x