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What is detectstream

This is an open source Cocoa Framework that detects Web Stream presence in Safari, Webkit, OmniWeb, Chrome, Edge, and Brave Browser using the Scripting framework (other browsers are unsupported as they don't support AppleScript)

detectstream only works on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later. Built against the macOS 13 SDK and is Universal Binary 2 compatible for Intel and Apple Silicon.

detectstream is used in Hachidori and MAL Updater OS X

macOS Mojave or later Considerations: Due to security changes, you must specify the key: "NSAppleEventsUsageDescription" with a description on usage and also enable Apple Events under Resource Access with Hardened Runtime enabled under Capabilities. This is required in order for stream detection and App Notarization to work.


detectstream currently supports these sites:


Safari, Webkit, Chrome, Edge, Brave Browser, Opera, Roccat Browser and Omniweb: Crunchyroll, AnimeNewsNetwork, AnimeLab, Viz Neon Valley, Viewster, Wakanim, Funimation, Netflix, Hidive, VRV, Tubitv, AsianCrush, AnimeDigitalNetwork, Sony Crackle, Adult Swim, HBO Max, Retrocrush, Hulu, Peacocktv, YouTube and Media Server (locally and on the web).

Chrome, Edge, Brave Browser and Safari only (requires Javascript Execution): Viewster, Amazon Prime Video, Adult Swim, Funimation (detection from user's watch history on the My Account page), HBO Max, Retrocrush, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Peacocktv (For Safari, you need to have "Enable Javascript from Apple Events" enabled in the Developer Menu. For Google Chrome, View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events)

Note: Detection does not support non-anime titles


Safari, Webkit, Chrome, Edge, Brave Browser, Opera, Roccat Browser and Omniweb: Crunchyroll

How to use

Sample source code for using this helper program in Objective-C and Swift can be seen here

How to help out

Create a thread on our Support Forums. See this thread on how to report stream detection issue first before posting.

To Compile

Get the source and then type xcodebuild. Having the applications installed is no longer necessary as the scripting bridge headers are now included.

To include in your project, drag the DetectStreamKit.framework.


This version is licensed under MIT License.


Cocoa Framework that outputs what Anime and Episode that is being streamed from Safari, Webkit, Omniweb, Roccat and Chrome on macOS





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