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Base2Tone-vim – colorschemes for Vim – one of the syntax-highlighting applications containing the colorschemes of Base2Tone which were based on Duotone Themes by Simurai for Atom.

“DuoTone themes use only 2 hues (7 shades in total). It tones down less important parts (like punctuation and brackets) and highlights only the important ones. This leads to a more calm color scheme, but still lets you find the stuff you're looking for.”

NOTE: These color schemes are optimized and have been tested in the GUI version of Vim, and will work in terminal versions as well. For terminals which don’t support truecolor the colors will now use converted colors which are as close as possible in the 8-bit 256 colorspace. It works fine and looks good in Neovim, for the Gui colors for Neovim are now also specifically defined. For Terminal Vim 8+ and/or Neovim, in your (sourced) .vimrc or default .config/nvim/init.vim, have something like this:

set termguicolors
 if has('nvim')
set guicursor=n-v-c:block-Cursor/lCursor-blinkon0,i-ci:ver25-Cursor/lCursor,r-cr:hor20-Cursor/lCursor

For the most seamless experience: these same color schemes are also ported to iTerm2 and Hyper.

All colorschemes will come in a separate dark and light version.


Base2Tone Evening Dark

Base2Tone Morning Light

NOTE: For javaScript users, with the plugin Enhanced JavaScript Syntax for Vim the syntax-highlighting of these themes will look much better.


Option 1: Manual installation

  1. Move Base2Tone-*.vim to your .vim/colors directory. After downloading the vim script or package:
$ cd Base2Tone-vim/colors
$ mv *.vim ~/.vim/colors/

Option 2: for Vim 8+ installation in default pack/start folder of build-in package manager

$ cd ~/.vim/pack/bundle/start
$ git clone

Option 3: for Vim 8+ and Neovim installation with minpac recommended

  1. Install minpac plugin
  2. in .vimrc:
call minpac#add('k-takata/minpac', {'type': 'opt'})
call minpac#add('atelierbram/Base2Tone-vim')

Option 4: Pathogen installation

Clone Base2Tone-vim colorschemes, with plugin manager Pathogen.

  1. Download and install Tim Pope's Pathogen.

  2. Next, move or clone the Base2Tone-vim directory so that it is a subdirectory of the .vim/bundle directory.

a. Clone:

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone

b. Move:

In the parent working directory:

$ mv Base2Tone-vim ~/.vim/bundle/

Modify .vimrc

After either Option 1 or Option 2 above, put the following two lines in your .vimrc:

syntax enable
set background=dark
" Base2Tone Dark
colorscheme Base2Tone_EveningDark
" or any of the other schemes:
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MorningDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SeaDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SpaceDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_EarthDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_ForestDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_FieldDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_GardenDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_DesertDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_LakeDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MeadowDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_DrawbridgeDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MallDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SuburbDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_LavenderDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_PoolDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_PorchDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_HeathDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_CaveDark
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MotelDark

" Base2Tone Light
" colorscheme Base2Tone_EveningLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MorningLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SeaLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SpaceLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_EarthLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_ForestLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_FieldLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_GardenLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_DesertLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_LakeLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MeadowLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_DrawbridgeLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MallLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_SuburbLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_LavenderLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_PoolLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_PorchLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_HeathLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_CaveLight
" colorscheme Base2Tone_MotelLight

Optional Airline Support

These themes are tested in Gvim, but when using Vim within terminals which do not support truecolor, it will fall back on the colors of the default dark theme for vim-airline it will now use converted colors which are as close as possible in the 8-bit 256 colorspace.

" Dark
let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_EveningDark'
" or any of the other themes:
" Dark
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MorningDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SeaDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SpaceDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_EarthDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_ForestDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_FieldDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_GardenDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_DesertDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_LakeDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MeadowDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_DrawbridgeDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MallDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SuburbDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_LavenderDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_PoolDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_PorchDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_HeathDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_CaveDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MotelDark'

" Light
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_EveningLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MorningLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SeaLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SpaceLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_EarthLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_ForestLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_FieldLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_GardenLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_DesertLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_LakeLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MeadowLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_DrawbridgeLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MallLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_SuburbLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_LavenderLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_PoolLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_PorchLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_HeathLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_CaveLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Base2Tone_MotelLight'

Optional Lightline Support with Base2Tone

" lightline {{{
" -- INSERT -- is redundant because the mode information is displayed in the statusline:
set noshowmode
let g:lightline = {
      \ 'colorscheme': 'Base2Tone_Pool',
      \ }
" or any of the other colorschemes
" template is smart and detects light or dark colorscheme being used
" }}}

Optional (re)generate theme(s)

These themes are generated with Base16 Builder and can be adapted and regenerated with having that CLI installed.

$ npm install --global base16-builder

The file have to be made executable:

cd ~/.vim/bundle/Base2Tone-vim/
chmod +x

The templates light.ejs and dark.ejs can be found in db/vim. After adapting the templates, or after making a colorscheme (db/schemes) one can just type from the commandline, within the parent working directory of Base2Tone-vim. The colorscheme-files will than be regenerated within the colors-folder, and the themes for Airline in the autoload-folder.


Credits to Simurai, for these themes are based on Duotone Themes for Atom.



Released under MIT Licence