For easy cloning Atelier Schemes for Vim colorschemes, with plugin manager Pathogen or Vundle
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Atelier Schemes for Vim

NOTE: The file-names for the colorschemes of AtelierSchemes for Vim, which now come with support for Airline have been renamed from base16-atelier<scheme> to Atelier_<scheme>Dark.

So instead of defining in vimrc:

colorscheme base16-atelierforest

it is now:

colorscheme Atelier_ForestDark


colorscheme Atelier_ForestLight

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

screenshot of Sulphurpool colorscheme - dark version in Vim
screenshot of Sulphurpool (dark version) in Vim

NOTE: These color schemes are optimized and have been tested in the GUI version of Vim, and not the terminal version. For a more seamless experience: these same color schemes have also been ported to iTerm2.

Atelier Schemes

Easy clone Atelier Schemes for Vim colorschemes, with plugin manager Pathogen.


Option 1: Manual installation

  1. Move base16-atelier*.vim to your .vim/colors directory. After downloading the vim script or package:
$ cd vim-colors_atelier-schemes/colors
$ mv *.vim ~/.vim/colors/

Option 2: Pathogen installation (recommended)

  1. Download and install Tim Pope's Pathogen.

  2. Next, move or clone the vim-colors_atelier-schemes directory so that it is a subdirectory of the .vim/bundle directory.

a. Clone:

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone

b. Move:

In the parent directory of vim-colors_atelier-schemes:

$ mv vim-colors_atelier-schemes ~/.vim/bundle/

Modify .vimrc

After either Option 1 or Option 2 above, put the following two lines in your .vimrc:

syntax enable
set background=dark
" or, for the light background mode:
" set background=light

" dark
colorscheme Atelier_ForestDark
" or any of the other schemes:
" colorscheme Atelier_HeathDark
" colorscheme Atelier_CaveDark
" colorscheme Atelier_SulphurpoolDark
" colorscheme Atelier_LakesideDark
" colorscheme Atelier_SavannaDark
" colorscheme Atelier_SeasideDark
" colorscheme Atelier_EstuaryDark
" colorscheme Atelier_DuneDark

" light
" colorscheme Atelier_ForestLight
" colorscheme Atelier_HeathLight
" colorscheme Atelier_CaveLight
" colorscheme Atelier_SulphurpoolLight
" colorscheme Atelier_LakesideLight
" colorscheme Atelier_SavannaLight
" colorscheme Atelier_SeasideLight
" colorscheme Atelier_EstuaryLight
" colorscheme Atelier_DuneLight

Airline Support with AtelierSchemes

" Airline for AtelierSchemes
" dark
let g:airline_theme='Atelier_ForestDark'
" or any of the other themes:
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_HeathDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_CaveDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SulphurpoolDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_LakesideDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SavannaDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SeasideDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_EstuaryDark'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_DuneDark'

" light
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_ForestLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_HeathLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_CaveLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SulphurpoolLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_LakesideLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SavannaLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_SeasideLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_EstuaryLight'
" let g:airline_theme='Atelier_DuneLight'


Credits to Ethan Schoonover whose Solarized was a model for these colorschemes


Copyright (c) 2013 - 2017 Bram de Haan

Released under MIT Licence