A Catrobat IDE for Android.
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Catroid is an on-device visual programming system for Android devices that is inspired by the Scratch programming language developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Catrobat is a visual programming language and set of creativity tools for smartphones, tablets, and mobile browsers. Catrobat is the name of the visual programming language. Catrobat programs can be written by using the Catroid programming system on Android phones and tablets.

For a download of the most recent public beta, please go to the Downloads Section or check out the latest revision of the master branch and build it yourself.

More info

The Catrobat umbrella project was a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2012 and 2011!

Paintroid is an associated graphical paint editor program for the Android platform that, among others, allows setting parts of pictures to transparent.

The Catroid community website features Catrobat projects (also called Catrobat programs) uploaded directly from Catroid. These projects can be downloaded and opened in Catroid, for execution on one's Android device and also for remixing. Further functionality such as commenting, forums, a wiki and many others are planned.

Please note that Catroid, Paintroid, as well as the Catroid community website are currently in beta development stage. You are welcome to download and use them, including to upload your own projects to the community website.

Please note that Catroid is under heavy development and that we may still change things, including the project format. We will try as hard as possible to not change it and/or to convert uploaded projects to any new formats, but some semantic changes may be unavoidable and may change the behavior of projects in unpredictable ways. Please also note that we consider Catroid, Paintroid, as well as the Catroid community website not yet as ready for unsupervised usage by children and teenagers as there are still many usability, design, and safety issues, the latter concerning the quadcopter. We work hard to get to that stage. In the mean time you can submit and/or discuss issues with all parts of the Catroid system, or post and/or join discussions on Catrobat's Google group.

Resources and links


License of our project (mainly AGPL v3).