GUI utility that allows you to view and explore profiles dump. Perfect client for forp PHP profiler.
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forp-ui is a GUI utility that allows you to view and explore profiles dump.

It is very easy to integrate forp-ui into an HTML page, it is written in JavaScript.

Basic features

  • search engine
  • tree representation of the stack
  • top 20 duration
  • top 20 memory
  • top 20 calls
  • grouping of functions
  • metrics and quality grades
  • "called from" view
  • "backtrace" view
  • inspector

Integration into an HTML page and example

Download the minified version from the release branch of forp-ui on Github. Put it in the js directory of your project, then run forp-ui as in the example below.

<script src="src/built/forp.min.js"></script>
(function($) {
        stack :
            "utime" : 0,
            "stime" : 0,
            "stack" :
        mode : "fixed"


Use src/build.php to build src/built/forp.min.js file.

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ cd src
$ php build.php


--skin name : gstyle, consolas (default)

Communication with forp PHP profiler

forp-ui is the perfect tool to treat the forp PHP profiles dump ( forp extension gives us PHP profiling datas, forp-ui helps you to refine it clientside.

Screenshots (example : Yii PHP framework)

tree representation of the stack


top 20 duration


Click on a stack entry displays backtrace in sidebar :

duration details

top 20 memory


top 20 Calls


grouping of functions

This is the result of forp @ProfileGroup annotation.


Click on a group entry displays "called from" block :

groups details

search engine


metrics and quality grades


Samples are in the "samples" directory :

  • "free" : simple example free of programming language.
  • php : simple example of PHP profiling with forp PHP profiler.