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Filippo Valsorda FiloSottile

I mess with cryptography. urandom ambassador. @Cloudflare Crypto Team. That Heartbleed guy. I write Go and talk about it. HS/RC F'13.

@Cloudflare London, sort of, sometimes.

Gunther Cox gunthercox

Robot builder and web application developer.

Rediker Software United States

Junio C Hamano gitster

Google Mountain View, CA

Mathieu ANCELIN mathieuancelin

Developer @Serli - MacGyver @So-Use


Hugo Hamon hhamon

SensioLabs Head of Training Creator of Book author at Eyrolles International Conference Speaker World Traveler

SensioLabs Paris, Clichy

Tomás Senart tsenart

Lucid ramblings in time and space.


Ivan Enderlin Hywan

PhD Computer Scientist, lead developer @hoaproject, @tagua-vm, contributor @atoum, Pickle, Mozilla, sabre/dav, @liip… Open source lover!


Félix Girault felixgirault

V-Technologies Angers, France

Kévin Dunglas dunglas

Founder of @coopTilleuls / @symfony Core Team / Creator of @api-platform (and freelancer) Lille, France

Zach Carter zaach

Venn Santa Monica, CA

Sam SamSaffron

Sydney, Australia

Kate Murphy Katee

@RecurseCenter alumna (go apply!)

@wealthsimple Toronto, Canada

isaacs isaacs

npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of many JavaScripts. Been making internets for a pretty long time.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

leaf leafo

senior fart @ @itchio San Francisco

Heather Arthur harthur

Lover of all things computational

San Francisco, USA

jpauli jpauli

OSS contributor to PHP and its ecosystem.I mainly code in C for Unix. I share my tech work worldwide giving conferences or writing books

Sensiolabs paris

Vincent Brouté neveldo

Web engineer @ Groupe Figaro CCM Benchmark - Interested in web development, opendata, linkeddata and and dataviz.

Rennes, France

Liu Liu liuliu

Snapchat Marina del Rey

Vance Lucas vlucas

Co-founder of @techlahoma and various other projects.

Actridge, LLC Oklahoma City, OK

Jerome Etienne jeromeetienne

Around Javascript and WebGL - 8th most active user on github - Write @learningthreejs - Doing VR and AR with three.js at daqri

Three.js Team Lead at Daqri Dublin, Ireland

Nicolas Froidure nfroidure

Fullstack JavaScript developper

@7digital Lille - Nord Pas-de-Calais

Marcelo Gornstein marcelog

CTO @Connexo & @PortaText. Garage coder. Will code for food, fun, & profit. Distributed archs, uServices, VoIP, Erlang, Elixir, C, Java, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP

@Connexo, @PortaText Argentina

Mathew Davies ThePixelDeveloper

Former engineer for @DueDil and @Crowdcube. Now working hard for @SamKnows

@SamKnows London