The IPTraffic module for serving VPN customers
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The IPTraffic module for serving VPN customers


  • RADIUS authentication
  • Realtime traffic calculation using Netflow v5 as a traffic source
  • Flexible tariffs (subnet rules, time rules)
  • Using PostgreSQL database for the storing users, tariff plans, RADIUS attributes and sessions
  • It's easy to add your own backends


The following modules should be added to the netspire.conf file:

{mod_iptraffic, [{tariffs, "tariffs.conf"}, {session_timeout, 60}, {delay_stop, 5}, {disconnect_on_shutdown, yes}]}

The default value of the session_timeout option is 60 seconds and may be ommited.

The delay_stop option is used to delay stopping of the session to receive all data from netflow sensor after the session closing (After receiving Accounting-Stop packet). The default value of the delay_stop option is 5 seconds and and may be ommited.

The disconnect_on_shutdown option is used to specify is need to disconnect clients from NAS in case of application shutdown. The default value of the disconnect_on_shutdown option is yes and may be ommited.

You MUST set Acct-Interim-Interval RADIUS attribute for client. This attribute is required to prolong session and it's value MUST be significantly less than session_timeout. Note that if Netspire does not receiving interim updates from NAS via RADIUS, sessions will be marked as expired and closed, regardless of real state on NAS.

Be aware about Acct-Interim-Interval radius attribute limitation for Linux pppd. It should be no less then 60 seconds.

Also you need to load SQL schema objects from schema.sql file to the already created database.