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- Added test outcomes to TestResults
- Fixed tearDown getting called second time when first time fails
- Added results stream and wired it to log and TAP streams.
- Added TAP 13 stream.
- Added log stream with error, warn, info and debug levels.
- Pass test name to test function and setUp/tearDown
- Fixed failing test case tearDown scope
- Removed "invalid function" exception that doesn't seem to be possible, for
100% code coverage
- Bound the test suite object on setUp and tearDown calls
- Improved assertion messages, added custom message argument
- Renamed assert[Not]Equals to assert[Not]Equal and made it more lax than the
new assert[Not]Identical
- Added more assertion functions
- Made missing test suite names undefined instead of empty string
- Fixed function probing logic so that an outer function doesn't shield
an inner function with the same name
- Added compile
- Introduced TestSuite and TestResults classes
- Fixed test suite scope to use the object for object test suites instead
of the generated test suite object
- Test cases are run within the scope of the test suite (as "this")
- Fixed multiple test suite name concatenation to work with AppJet
- Added jsUnity.env that contains defaultScope and getDate
- Added results.duration
- Proper plural/singular count messages
- Made test runners proper HTML
- run() now can take multiple test suites as arguments
- Renamed globalScope to defaultScope
- Fixed jsUnity assignment method to make JScript happy
- Removed the need for runner functions
- Rewired suite type handling
- Added probing to array suites
- Array suites now support both strings and functions as items
- Renamed to results.suiteName
- Improved function parser to handle nested functions and comments
- Enabled all suite types
- Fixed default assertion scope
- Fixed test suite name passing bug
- Made function parsing regex more lax to work with AppJet
- Moved default assertions into defaultAssertions, out of the global scope
- Assertion set can be overridden
- Added attachAssertions
- Initial release
- Supports only function-style test suites