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An experimental graphical add-on view for the command line to display things your xterm can’t.

See also the accompanying blog post for motivation. It turned out to not be as useful for me as I had originally anticipated.

niveau reads a byte stream (e.g., the content of your terminal window), extracts interesting information (e.g., your current working directory), and generates a graphical view you don’t have in your terminal window (e.g., thumbnails of images). niveau works totally non-invasive - you don’t have to change your terminal emulator or your shell. The view is customizable using XHTML/CSS templates.

niveau was developed using the Scala language, the Flying Saucer XHTML renderer and the Apache Velocity templating engine.

To give it a try:

  • Have the bin/ of a Scala 2.7 distribution (e.g. Scala 2.7.7) in your PATH (does not work with 2.8 or newer)
  • sh
  • mkfifo /tmp/niveau-pipe, check cfg/config
  • sh and in another terminal, script -f /tmp/niveau-pipe

niveau was written by Andreas Textor

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