service framework for game server using libatbus, libatapp, libcopp and etc.
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service framework for game server using libatbus, libatapp, libcopp and etc.

Inner Service

  • atproxy : proxy for logic server to communicate with each other

    • using etcd for service discovery and online detection.
  • atgateway : gateway for client to communicate logic server

    • Using DH/ECDH for key establishment(directly send key or no encryption are also supported)
    • Traffic control and handshake timeout available for each client
    • Support for routing switching


  1. libuv -- libuv is a multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O.
  2. msgpack-c -- MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format, and msgpack-c is a c and c++ driver for it.
  3. libiniloader -- a small and lightweight ini loader code.
  4. libcurl -- libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library
  5. libcopp -- Cross-platform coroutine library written in c++.
  6. rapidjson -- A fast and header only json library.
  7. flatbuffer -- A simple pack/unpack library. It's used in atgateway's inner protocol.


  1. Install etcd. (It's used for atproxy to connect to each other.)
  2. [opional] Install redis. (DB services.install it if used)

Extern Dependency

  1. libuuid-devel(uuid-dev)
  2. [opional] hiredis, redis (if using redis, full_sample branch has use redis)



  1. cmake 3.7 and above
  2. gcc/clang/msvc
  3. gdb/lldb/windb
  4. git
  5. unzip
  6. tar
  7. autoconf
  8. automake
  9. p7zip
  10. python2/python
  11. etc.

Python modules

  1. python-mako/python*-mako/mingw-w64-x86_64-python*-mako
  2. [optional] python-setuptools/python*-setuptools/mingw-w64-x86_64-python*-mako
  3. [optional] python-pip/python*-pip/mingw-w64-x86_64-python*-pip

Framework Code Tree

  • 3rd_party: all dependency 3rd_party libraries
  • atframework: atframework projects and libraries
  • export: exported libraries, used by client
  • libatframe_utils: framework utility codes
  • libatbus: communication library used between servers
  • libatapp: server application framework, used to build a specified server type
  • services: inner services of atframework
  1. component: inner services common codes
  2. atproxy: proxy server, used to connect difference service group to each other
  3. atgateway: gateway server, used to manage client connections
  • doc: documents
  • install: all resources and configure templates
  • project: project script, used to detect build environment and generate build scripts
  • sample: sample codes to show usage of some libraries
  • src: all real projects
  • echosvr: the simplest server instance, just send back all data receive from client
  • [others]: other services

Logic Code Tree

  • src: all real projects
  • server_frame: server common library
  1. config: server configure defines and excel configure data structures
  2. data: game data layer
  3. dispatcher: decide how to deal with each type of messages and manage coroutine tasks
  4. logic: game logic layer
  5. rpc: all remote procedure call APIs, include server to server message, DB message and so on
  6. utility: all shared utility codes
  • tools: tool projects

Basic Usage


You need to prebuilt all dependency libraries such as openssl/mbedtls, libcurl, libuv and so on. Then run


Please see 3rd_party to see which libraries is required.

Unix like system

sh [options] ...

Such as sh -su to enable all unit test and samples, or sh -a to use clang-analysis. You can also directly run cmake [SOURCE PATH] [options...] just like in windows, use your own prebuilt libraries or not. It depends to you.