Added a Service so right-clicking text allows lookup in Ingredients #1

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tgaul commented Feb 12, 2011

Based on learning about Ingredients last night on Twitter — — (cool app, BTW), I thought it would be nice if I could use it from Xcode by right-click (or an assignable keyboard shortcut via the Keyboard system preference panel) without that script, so I added support for that via a Service (which was pretty easy to add given how your app was written).


atg commented Feb 12, 2011


ccgus commented on fdf6458 Feb 12, 2011

Funny, I was just about to add this myself.

The menu item you added here caught my eyes!!!
So, it uses the Services mechanism. But in Apple's document, it doesn't say anything about NSServiceCategory.
Also, by searching using Google, some people said that it was undocumented feature and they mentioned public.item.
But in this case, it uses public.text.

Hmm.. this diff shows that you indeed changed it from public.item.
Can you explain what public.* are and how they, public.item and public.text, are different from each other?

Thank you!!!


tgaul replied Mar 24, 2011

I found mention of NSServiceCategory somewhere online. "public.text" is a UTI (see the UTI documentation at for text content, which is what this service is designed to work on. This means it shows up under the "Text" section of Services in Keyboard Shortcuts inside the Keyboard System Preferences panel.

Thanks for the information. Apple people still doesn't provide good documentation for the NSServiceCategory yet. sigh...

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