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KO — The Crash Report Reporter

KO is a small Cocoa library that scans the user's crash reports directory at startup. If it finds new crash reports, it offers to submit them to the developers' server.



  1. Add KO.m to your project/target.
  2. In your Info.plist, add a key pair: KOCrashReportServerURL where the value is the URL where the KO crash report handler is located. E.g
  3. In your -applicationDidFinishLaunching: method, add a call to KORegister();.


  1. Copy submit.php to your server.
  2. Modify submit.php with credentials to your database. I strongly recommend that you create a special, restricted user account just for KO, that is only permitted to do SQL INSERTs. Also you should create a randomly generated password, and restrict the account to localhost (if possible).

I won't tell you how to retrive the crash reports from the server, that's up to you :).


KO is so simple I hardly consider it copyrightable. But since people invariably ask about this sort of thing, KO is licensed under the WTFPL.

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