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+libffi-3.0.11 was released on *****************. Check the libffi web
+page for updates: <URL:>.
+What is libffi?
+Compilers for high level languages generate code that follow certain
+conventions. These conventions are necessary, in part, for separate
+compilation to work. One such convention is the "calling
+convention". The "calling convention" is essentially a set of
+assumptions made by the compiler about where function arguments will
+be found on entry to a function. A "calling convention" also specifies
+where the return value for a function is found.
+Some programs may not know at the time of compilation what arguments
+are to be passed to a function. For instance, an interpreter may be
+told at run-time about the number and types of arguments used to call
+a given function. Libffi can be used in such programs to provide a
+bridge from the interpreter program to compiled code.
+The libffi library provides a portable, high level programming
+interface to various calling conventions. This allows a programmer to
+call any function specified by a call interface description at run
+FFI stands for Foreign Function Interface. A foreign function
+interface is the popular name for the interface that allows code
+written in one language to call code written in another language. The
+libffi library really only provides the lowest, machine dependent
+layer of a fully featured foreign function interface. A layer must
+exist above libffi that handles type conversions for values passed
+between the two languages.
+Supported Platforms
+Libffi has been ported to many different platforms.
+For specific configuration details and testing status, please
+refer to the wiki page here:
+At the time of release, the following basic configurations have been
+| Architecture | Operating System |
+| Alpha | Linux |
+| Alpha | Tru64 |
+| ARM | Linux |
+| ARM | iOS |
+| AVR32 | Linux |
+| HPPA | HPUX |
+| IA-64 | Linux |
+| M68K | RTEMS |
+| MIPS | IRIX |
+| MIPS | Linux |
+| MIPS64 | Linux |
+| PowerPC | Linux |
+| PowerPC | Mac OSX |
+| PowerPC | FreeBSD |
+| PowerPC64 | Linux |
+| S390 | Linux |
+| S390X | Linux |
+| SPARC | Linux |
+| SPARC | Solaris |
+| SPARC64 | Linux |
+| SPARC64 | FreeBSD |
+| X86 | FreeBSD |
+| X86 | Interix |
+| X86 | kFreeBSD |
+| X86 | Linux |
+| X86 | Mac OSX |
+| X86 | OpenBSD |
+| X86 | OS/2 |
+| X86 | Solaris |
+| X86 | Windows/Cygwin |
+| X86 | Windows/MingW |
+| X86-64 | FreeBSD |
+| X86-64 | Linux |
+| X86-64 | OpenBSD |
+| X86-64 | Windows/MingW |
+Please send additional platform test results to and feel free to update the wiki page
+Installing libffi
+First you must configure the distribution for your particular
+system. Go to the directory you wish to build libffi in and run the
+"configure" program found in the root directory of the libffi source
+You may want to tell configure where to install the libffi library and
+header files. To do that, use the --prefix configure switch. Libffi
+will install under /usr/local by default.
+If you want to enable extra run-time debugging checks use the the
+--enable-debug configure switch. This is useful when your program dies
+mysteriously while using libffi.
+Another useful configure switch is --enable-purify-safety. Using this
+will add some extra code which will suppress certain warnings when you
+are using Purify with libffi. Only use this switch when using
+Purify, as it will slow down the library.
+It's also possible to build libffi on Windows platforms with
+Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler. In this case, use the
+wrapper script during configuration like so:
+path/to/configure CC=path/to/ LD=link CPP=\"cl -nologo -EP\"
+For 64-bit Windows builds, use CC="path/to/ -m64".
+You may also need to specify --build appropriately. When building with MSVC
+under a MingW environment, you may need to remove the line in configure
+that sets 'fix_srcfile_path' to a 'cygpath' command. ('cygpath' is not
+present in MingW, and is not required when using MingW-style paths.)
+For iOS builds, refer to the script for guidance.
+Configure has many other options. Use "configure --help" to see them all.
+Once configure has finished, type "make". Note that you must be using
+GNU make. You can ftp GNU make from
+To ensure that libffi is working as advertised, type "make check".
+This will require that you have DejaGNU installed.
+To install the library and header files, type "make install".
+See the ChangeLog files for details.
+3.0.11 MMM-DD-YY
+ ??????????
+3.0.10 Aug-23-11
+ Add support for Apple's iOS.
+ Add support for ARM VFP ABI.
+ Add RTEMS support for MIPS and M68K.
+ Fix instruction cache clearing problems on
+ ARM and SPARC.
+ Fix the N64 build on mips-sgi-irix6.5.
+ Enable builds with Microsoft's compiler.
+ Enable x86 builds with Oracle's Solaris compiler.
+ Fix support for calling code compiled with Oracle's Sparc
+ Solaris compiler.
+ Testsuite fixes for Tru64 Unix.
+ Additional platform support.
+3.0.9 Dec-31-09
+ Add AVR32 and win64 ports. Add ARM softfp support.
+ Many fixes for AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, *BSD.
+ Several PowerPC and x86-64 bug fixes.
+ Build DLL for windows.
+3.0.8 Dec-19-08
+ Add *BSD, BeOS, and PA-Linux support.
+3.0.7 Nov-11-08
+ Fix for ppc FreeBSD.
+ (thanks to Andreas Tobler)
+3.0.6 Jul-17-08
+ Fix for closures on sh.
+ Mark the sh/sh64 stack as non-executable.
+ (both thanks to Kaz Kojima)
+3.0.5 Apr-3-08
+ Fix libffi.pc file.
+ Fix #define ARM for IcedTea users.
+ Fix x86 closure bug.
+3.0.4 Feb-24-08
+ Fix x86 OpenBSD configury.
+3.0.3 Feb-22-08
+ Enable x86 OpenBSD thanks to Thomas Heller, and
+ x86-64 FreeBSD thanks to Björn König and Andreas Tobler.
+ Clean up test instruction in README.
+3.0.2 Feb-21-08
+ Improved x86 FreeBSD support.
+ Thanks to Björn König.
+3.0.1 Feb-15-08
+ Fix instruction cache flushing bug on MIPS.
+ Thanks to David Daney.
+3.0.0 Feb-15-08
+ Many changes, mostly thanks to the GCC project.
+ Cygnus Solutions is now Red Hat.
+ [10 years go by...]
+1.20 Oct-5-98
+ Raffaele Sena produces ARM port.
+1.19 Oct-5-98
+ Fixed x86 long double and long long return support.
+ m68k bug fixes from Andreas Schwab.
+ Patch for DU assembler compatibility for the Alpha from Richard
+ Henderson.
+1.18 Apr-17-98
+ Bug fixes and MIPS configuration changes.
+1.17 Feb-24-98
+ Bug fixes and m68k port from Andreas Schwab. PowerPC port from
+ Geoffrey Keating. Various bug x86, Sparc and MIPS bug fixes.
+1.16 Feb-11-98
+ Richard Henderson produces Alpha port.
+1.15 Dec-4-97
+ Fixed an n32 ABI bug. New libtool, auto* support.
+1.14 May-13-97
+ libtool is now used to generate shared and static libraries.
+ Fixed a minor portability problem reported by Russ McManus
+ <>.
+1.13 Dec-2-96
+ Added --enable-purify-safety to keep Purify from complaining
+ about certain low level code.
+ Sparc fix for calling functions with < 6 args.
+ Linux x86 a.out fix.
+1.12 Nov-22-96
+ Added missing ffi_type_void, needed for supporting void return
+ types. Fixed test case for non MIPS machines. Cygnus Support
+ is now Cygnus Solutions.
+1.11 Oct-30-96
+ Added notes about GNU make.
+1.10 Oct-29-96
+ Added configuration fix for non GNU compilers.
+1.09 Oct-29-96
+ Added --enable-debug configure switch. Clean-ups based on LCLint
+ feedback. ffi_mips.h is always installed. Many configuration
+ fixes. Fixed ffitest.c for sparc builds.
+1.08 Oct-15-96
+ Fixed n32 problem. Many clean-ups.
+1.07 Oct-14-96
+ Gordon Irlam rewrites v8.S again. Bug fixes.
+1.06 Oct-14-96
+ Gordon Irlam improved the sparc port.
+1.05 Oct-14-96
+ Interface changes based on feedback.
+1.04 Oct-11-96
+ Sparc port complete (modulo struct passing bug).
+1.03 Oct-10-96
+ Passing struct args, and returning struct values works for
+ all architectures/calling conventions. Expanded tests.
+1.02 Oct-9-96
+ Added SGI n32 support. Fixed bugs in both o32 and Linux support.
+ Added "make test".
+1.01 Oct-8-96
+ Fixed float passing bug in mips version. Restructured some
+ of the code. Builds cleanly with SGI tools.
+1.00 Oct-7-96
+ First release. No public announcement.
+Authors & Credits
+libffi was originally written by Anthony Green <>.
+The developers of the GNU Compiler Collection project have made
+innumerable valuable contributions. See the ChangeLog file for
+Some of the ideas behind libffi were inspired by Gianni Mariani's free
+gencall library for Silicon Graphics machines.
+The closure mechanism was designed and implemented by Kresten Krab
+Major processor architecture ports were contributed by the following
+alpha Richard Henderson
+arm Raffaele Sena
+cris Simon Posnjak, Hans-Peter Nilsson
+frv Anthony Green
+ia64 Hans Boehm
+m32r Kazuhiro Inaoka
+m68k Andreas Schwab
+mips Anthony Green, Casey Marshall
+mips64 David Daney
+pa Randolph Chung, Dave Anglin, Andreas Tobler
+powerpc Geoffrey Keating, Andreas Tobler,
+ David Edelsohn, John Hornkvist
+powerpc64 Jakub Jelinek
+s390 Gerhard Tonn, Ulrich Weigand
+sh Kaz Kojima
+sh64 Kaz Kojima
+sparc Anthony Green, Gordon Irlam
+x86 Anthony Green, Jon Beniston
+x86-64 Bo Thorsen
+Jesper Skov and Andrew Haley both did more than their fair share of
+stepping through the code and tracking down bugs.
+Thanks also to Tom Tromey for bug fixes, documentation and
+configuration help.
+Thanks to Jim Blandy, who provided some useful feedback on the libffi
+Andreas Tobler has done a tremendous amount of work on the testsuite.
+Alex Oliva solved the executable page problem for SElinux.
+The list above is almost certainly incomplete and inaccurate. I'm
+happy to make corrections or additions upon request.
+If you have a problem, or have found a bug, please send a note to the
+author at, or the project mailing list at
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