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TODO list for every uClibc release:
*) Test cris, i386, mips, mipsel, sh, x86_64, arm, armeb, and powerpc
with the latest LTP testsuite. Fix any regressions and post LTP
testsuite results for each architecture on
*) Audit header files. Remove prototypes for all functions that
are not supported -- especially needed for the libm headers.
*) Audit header files. When options are disabled, also disable
them in the include files as well by checking for the proper
define from include/bits/uClibc_config.h (pulled in from features.h)
TODO list for the uClibc 1.0.0 release:
support arches: (o todo; + done)
o alpha
+ arm
o avr32
o bfin
o cris
o e1
o frv
o h8300
o hppa
+ i386
o i960
o ia64
o m68k
o microblaze
+ mips
o nios
o nios2
+ powerpc
+ sh
+ sh64
o sparc
o v850
o vax
o x86_64
o xtensa
o ...
*) Go through SUSv4
shell (busybox):
*) glob / fnmatch tests fail
*) regex should pass AT&T conformance tests
*) Finish hiding uClibc internal symbols from our exported namespace
*) Add system for generating minimal system call asm wrappers that abuse
the C ABI to minimize amount of register/stack manipulation
*) Explicity add some sortof CONFIG_LINUX_2_2_ABI, CONFIG_LINUX_2_4_ABI
and CONFIG_LINUX_2_6_ABI type options, rather than having the abi
depend on the selected set of kernel headers. This will likely also
require that we provide a set of kernel headers (probably a derivitive
of Mazur's linux-libc-headers) that can supplies the 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6
kernel abi.
*) Documentation updates:
*) Write a uClibc HOWTO document
*) Update README document
*) Update INSTALL document
*) Update docs/Glibc_vs_uClibc_Differences.txt document
and fully document all differences between the feature
set of uClibc and glibc.
*) Update docs/uClibc_vs_SuSv3.txt document
*) Update docs/threads.txt document
*) Write man pages for ldd and ldconfig utility binaries
*) Implement some mechanism (perhaps encoded in the .so name,
perhaps using an abi tag magically embedded into each object)
for flagging config options that break the ABI. Options
and perhaps others (finalize list) produce a lib with a differing
ABI. Make it so apps cannot use an ABI mis-matched uClibc.
This is most easily done using symbol versioning...
*) Implement the long double versions of math funcs on interrested
arches using wrappers on top of the double versions (size / precision
trade off where size clearly wins).
*) Make all small objects (>~50 bytes) into either inlines or
into a static library
*) Cleanup / rewrite sysconf.c. It should get some information
from ldso (such as HZ). Other stuff it currently just makes
up, which is obviously wrong. Also bits/uClibc_clk_tck.h
needs to be updated at the same time to get proper HZ values.
*) poll emulation using select() for old 2.0.x uClinux kernels
in libc/sysdeps/linux/common/poll.c fails some python self-tests.
Of course, modern systems using the actuall poll() syscall work fine.
*) Cleanup/scrub all the Makefile copyright junk
*) Fix dlopen, for both static and dynamic cases, and make it
fully comply with SuSv3
TODO list for AFTER the uClibc 1.0.0 release:
*) Add support for 64bit time (to deal with
date -s 011903142038 sets epoch to roll over in a few seconds (2^31)
*) Add support for Linux 2.6.x fast vsyscalls
*) Enable pristine source tree builds
*) Fix regex so it isn't so stinking big
*) Fix glob so it isn't so stinking big
*) run 'nm -D --size-sort -t d' and work on the
biggest things (i.e. stuff at the end of the list) to make
them smaller.
*) Fix dlopen/dlsym/dlclose locking to more fine grained or use RCU
<more wishlist items here>
Arch specific TODO:
ldso is not implemented
update crt1 code again for nommu (
recruit jbowler and integrate thumb support
needs to be updated for the new ldso changes and unification of the
uClibc_main funcs (__uClibc_start_main doesnt exist anymore)
errno.c test segfaults causes segfault in clone.S (seems to be in glibc too)
add support for fast system calls
ldso is not implemented
ldso lazy relocation doesnt work
ldso is reasonably broken, presently requiring additional
need a sigaction.c since common one doesnt work (signal tests)
ldso needs to be updated since it's totally broken atm
pthread support, linktime warning support (implies GAS patches),
general touchups, testing, ldso.
Manuel's todo:
1) Little things that need fixing:
a) Fix bug in *printf: outdigit precison bug
b) Check that gnu/bsd extension members tm_gmtoff and tm_zone in struct tm
are respected where they should be.
c) Implement the obstack printf funcs for glibc compat.
d) Implement glibc 'a' flag for scanf string conversions.
e) Allow use of the older non-table-based ctype functions when using
stub locale support. (smaller)
f) __drand48_iterate should be void
g) alphasort vs. versionsort. The former seems to be SVID, the latter GNU
i.e. reverse to what we currently do. The latter is unimplemented.
h) ponder removal/configs to turn off: __xpg_*, bsd_signal, dysize,
getw/putw, utimes,
2) Additional str{f|p}time issues.
a) Spacing issue wrt strptime.
b) Support locale specific alternate digits. (data is in place)
c) Support locale era in year designations. (data is in place)
d) Deal with mb format string issues in strftime.
e) Implement wcsftime.
3) Other locale issues (my implementation):
a) Do a little more clean up of ctype and wctype.
b) Rework of the locale data organization to make using locales reasonable
when staticly linking. (mmap)
c) Rewrite the locale data generation tools to process the text specifications
rather than relying on glibc.
d) Adapt regex lib to use my collation data and add the necessary collating
item tables to support SUSv3 required features.
e) transliteration of unsupported wchars in 8-bit locales (like glibc).
f) Support ISO/IEC 14652 draft locale extensions (LC_PAPER, etc).
g) Implement strfrom.
h) Shift-state codeset locale support?
4) Misc:
a) Port uClibc to other OSs (including elks), or even bare metal (libgloss).
b) Write a space-efficient gettext substitute, to avoid storing large amounts
of redundant data.
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