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This project will be completed over two weeks beginning Monday, March 13 and due Thursday, March 29.


The current version of the assignment is always here:

If you'd like to track the most recent changes, check out the git log:


You will work in pairs. Here are the pairings:

  • Chris Anderson & Jacqueline Chenault
  • Michael Chlipala & Mary Cutrali
  • Melanie Gilman & Andrew Glass
  • Austen Ito & Daniel Kaufman
  • Tom Kiefhaber & Jan Koszewski
  • Christopher Maddox & Horace Williams
  • Conan Rimmer & Darrel Rivera
  • Jonan Scheffler & Nisarg Shah
  • Mike Silvis & Charles Strahan
  • Mark Tabler & Andrew Thal
  • Travis Valentine & Michael Verdi
  • Edward Weng & Elise Worthy

These are not up for discussion/rearrangement.

We will have about 22 hours of time in class plus an estimated 20 hours outside of class. Multiplied by two people, your final product should be of a quality reflecting 84 work hours.

Getting Started

  1. Read the project description at
  2. The first partner listed above should fork this repository
  3. Add the second partner as a collaborator
  4. Clone the fork to your local machines
  5. Get to work!

Obviously this means each team will be coding "in public," so please respect the honor system and don't go perusing in other team's work.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Push your final code up to the Github repo
  2. Submit a pull request