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Create Rails apps. Faster.

Looking for sponsors!

As I'm planning the next major version, RailsBricks 4, I'm looking for sponsors. Read more about it here...


  • replaces the rails new command with rbricks -n
  • includes useful gems and sets them up for you
  • offers different UI choices for your web app
  • creates and configures a Devise authentication scheme
  • adds the necessary resources for a blog, contact form, and more
  • builds an admin zone
  • configures your mailers
  • inits local and remote git repositories
  • ...and much more to boost your productivity!


In order to use RailsBricks, you need the following:

  • A nix-based OS. That can be any flavour of Linux or OS X
  • Ruby (version 2.0+)
  • Some knowledge of Rails (!)

What about Windows?

RailsBricks doesn't run out of the box on Windows. Read the Windows Installation Guide to know what to do. You will first need to install the DevKit as well as the tzinfo-data gem.

Ruby support

RailsBricks generates Rails apps with support for the current major Ruby release (currently, 2.0.0) + the current point release and the previous one, for example 2.1.4 & 2.2.0. If you need to use another version of Ruby, you will have to manually edit the Gemfile after the app gets created and update the following line with your chosen version number:

ruby '2.1.5'


Like any other gem, you simply issue gem install railsbricks

Notice: If you still have RailsBricks 1.x installed, remove it manually before installing RailsBricks 3.x


To create a new app, just type rbricks --new and follow the wizard.

You can read the documentation, see a video and go through the Get Started tutorial at


You like RailsBricks and want to contribute to its development? Cool! You can do it in 2 ways:

  • Fork the code and implement an awesome feature
  • Found a bug or a quirk? Fix it!

Important: before working on a new feature, contact me or open an issue on Github explaining what you'd like to implement. I'm trying to keep the maintenance of RailsBricks as easy and fast as possible so before accepting a feature or a PR, we need to make sure it will be maintained properly and within an appropriate timeframe.

Questions, Feedback

If you have any question or feedback, drop me a line or tweet at @railsbricks


  • Nikkau, for showing me how to segregate gems without using RVM
  • Joelle Gobbo, for the elegant snippet used to generate a valid Rails app name
  • Jim Meyer, for forking RailsBricks and creating an alternative version I also use
  • David Hsu, for adding a new Brick: Devise authentication using only an email address
  • the authors of the many gems used by RailsBricks
  • the Geneva.rb Meetup Group for the beer!
  • David Camarena for producing a fork with support for MySQL
  • Felix Wolfsteller for doing a bit of cleanup
  • everyone who emailed me, gave feedback, opened an issue on Github, submitted a pull request, tweeted, etc. I truly love the Rails community.


Released under GNU GPL-3. Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Nico Schuele. See LICENSE.txt for further details.