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Pre Launch Checklist is COMPLETE. Testnet is now fully offline. Servers are being tested and prepared for Mainnet.

Launch Checklist is COMPLETE. Mainnet is live.

Pre Launch Checklist - COMPLETE

  • Announce in Discord: Pre-Launch checklist has begun
  • Stop Pool - Disconnect from Testnet, remove Testnet warning
  • Stop Explorer - Disconnect from Testnet
  • Stop Web Wallet - Disconnect from Testnet
  • Stop Netstats - Disconnect from Testnet
  • Disable dev & Testnet node from sending netstats
  • Setup Mainnet Bootnode hosts (US, EU, Asia, ...)
  • Gath: Update MainNetGenesisHash
  • Gath: Update MainnetBootnodes with bootnode enode://
  • Gath: Update Version to 1.0.3
  • Gath: Compile for Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Gath: Compress binaries and prep for release
  • Get Pool ready for Mainnet
  • Get Explorer ready for Mainnet
  • Get Web Wallet ready for Mainnet
  • Get Netstats ready for Mainnet
  • Get Grafana/Graphite/Prometheus ready for Mainnet
  • If time permits: Perform a dev only mock launch.
  • Verify Prometheus is scraping all Mainnet hosts
  • Test desktop wallets.

Launch Checklist - [7:00 AM PST, Saturday, May 12, 2018]

  • Announce in Discord: Launch checklist has begun
  • Sanity check bootnodes
  • Bootnodes online - verify they see each other
  • Prepare Pool
  • Announce in Discord: WE WILL BE STARTING SOON... and wait... for dramatic... tension :)
  • Unlock Gath download links
  • Enable Pool Miner Proxies
  • Announce in Discord: Links to download Gath (GitHub binaries will be released post launch)
  • Announce in Discord: Pool is open
  • Explorer Online
  • Web Wallet Online
  • Drink a Beer
  • Monitor Stabilty

Post Launch Checklist

  • Test, Verify, and Release: Standalone Desktop Wallet (win, mac, linux)
  • Releases Binaries on GitHub, Open Source GitHub
  • Netstats Online (all bootnodes reporting for duty)
  • Setup pingdom to monitor bootnodes
  • Grafana Online
  • Verify we are getting graphite metrics
  • Launch Website
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