NoRM is a MongoDB driver for .Net designed to provide access to strongly/statically-typed documents and collections.
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NoRM is no longer actively developed, please consider using the official 10gen driver in conjunction with FluentMongo

NoRM is a .Net library for connecting to the document-oriented database, MongoDB.

Please check the project website for more samples and a screencast:

If you have any questions or ideas, please use the Google Group to convey them (Hint: this will also be a good way to be notified when we get close to a release)

The API may change a bit over time, and there remain a few more features before we will cut a "Release" but the library is pretty stable, and has good unit test coverage for the core components. If you have ideas or requests, let us know - or fork them and share with us.

NoRM provides:

  • Strongly-typed interaction when querying and updating collections.
  • Improved interface to send common MongoDB commands (creating indices, getting all the existing dbs and collections, etc.).
  • Ultra-fast de/serialization of BSON to .Net CLR types and back.
  • Fluent mappings to specify the property names and characteristics at runtime, rather than attributes.
  • An optional fluent configuration for mapping types and properties to different names and collections in the DB.
  • LINQ-to-Mongo
  • NoRM will work under both Mono & .Net

It would also be useful to read what we have on the wiki.

  • The NoRM.dll can connect to MongoDB, this is the workhorse of NoRM, and all you really need to get started.
  • The NoRM.Tests.dll are nunit tests for NoRM, we are much more likely to accept patches that have corresponding tests.