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import twisted, sys, codecs, traceback
import base64, time
import qwebirc.config as config
from threading import Timer
from twisted.words.protocols import irc
from twisted.internet import reactor, protocol
from twisted.web import resource, server
from twisted.protocols import basic
def utf8_iso8859_1(data, table=dict((x, x.decode("iso-8859-1")) for x in map(chr, range(0, 256)))):
return (table.get(data.object[data.start]), data.start+1)
codecs.register_error("mixed-iso-8859-1", utf8_iso8859_1)
def irc_decode(x):
return x.decode("utf-8", "mixed-iso-8859-1")
except UnicodeDecodeError:
return x.decode("iso-8859-1", "ignore")
class QWebIRCClient(basic.LineReceiver):
delimiter = "\n"
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
self.__nickname = "(unregistered)"
self.registered = False
self.saslauth = False
self.authUser = None
self.authSecret = None
self.cap = []
self.saslTimer = Timer(15.0, self.stopSasl)
def dataReceived(self, data):
basic.LineReceiver.dataReceived(self, data.replace("\r", ""))
def lineReceived(self, line):
line = irc_decode(irc.lowDequote(line))
prefix, command, params = irc.parsemsg(line)
self.handleCommand(command, prefix, params)
except irc.IRCBadMessage:
# emit and ignore
if command == "CAP":
if (self.registered):
# We're performing CAP negotiation.
# We're receiving the list. Wait until its complete, then request what
# we want.
if (params[1] == "LS"):
if (self.saslauth):
if (params[2] == "*"):
self.cap.extend(params[3].split(" "))
self.cap.extend(params[2].split(" "))
reqlist = []
if ("multi-prefix" in self.cap):
if ("sasl" in self.cap):
if (self.authUser and self.authSecret):
self.saslauth = True
if (reqlist):
self.write("CAP REQ :" + ' '.join(reqlist))
self.cap = reqlist
self.write("CAP END")
# We're receiving acknowledgement of requested features. Handle it.
# Once all acknowledgements are received, end CAP is SASL is not
# underway.
if "ACK" in params:
if "sasl" in params[-1].split(" "):
if (self.authUser and self.authSecret):
self.write("AUTHENTICATE "+config.atheme["sasl_type"])
self.saslauth = True
if (not self.saslauth):
self.write("CAP END")
# We're receiving negative acknowledgement; a feature upgrade was denied.
# Once all acknowledgements are received, end CAP is SASL is not
# underway.
if (params[1] == "NAK"):
for item in params[2].split(" "):
if (not self.saslauth):
self.write("CAP END")
# Handle SASL authentication requests.
if (command == "AUTHENTICATE"):
if (not self.saslauth):
# We're performing SASL auth. Send them our authcookie.
authtext = base64.b64encode('\0'.join([self.authUser, self.authUser, self.authSecret]))
while (len(authtext) >= 400):
self.write("AUTHENTICATE " + authtext[0:400])
authtext = authtext[400:]
if (len(authtext) != 0):
self.write("AUTHENTICATE " + authtext)
self.write("AUTHENTICATE +")
# Handle SASL result messages.
# End CAP after one of these, unless an acknowledgement message is still
# waiting.
if (command in ["903", "904", "905","906","907"]):
if (self.saslauth):
self.saslauth = False
if (not self.saslauth):
self.write("CAP END")
if command == "001":
self.registered = True
self.__nickname = params[0]
if self.__perform is not None:
for x in self.__perform:
self.__perform = None
elif command == "NICK":
nick = prefix.split("!", 1)[0]
if nick == self.__nickname:
self.__nickname = params[0]
def stopSasl(self):
"""Cancels SASL authentication. Useful if Services are absent."""
if (self.saslauth):
self.saslauth = False
self.write("CAP END")
# Send an internally-generated failure response to the client.
self.handleCommand("904", "QWebIRC", ["*", "SASL authentication timed out"])
def handleCommand(self, command, prefix, params):
self("c", command, prefix, params)
def __call__(self, *args):
def write(self, data):
self.transport.write("%s\r\n" % irc.lowQuote(data.encode("utf-8")))
def connectionMade(self):
self.lastError = None
# Start CAP negotiation.
self.write("CAP LS");
f = self.factory.ircinit
nick, ident, ip, realname, hostname, pass_ = f["nick"], f["ident"], f["ip"], f["realname"], f["hostname"], f.get("password")
self.__nickname = nick
self.__perform = f.get("perform")
self.authUser = f.get("authUser")
self.authSecret = f.get("authSecret")
if config.irc["webirc_mode"] == "webirc":
self.write("WEBIRC %s qwebirc %s %s" % (config.irc["webirc_password"], hostname, ip))
self.write("USER %s bleh %s :%s" % (ident, ip, realname))
elif config.irc["webirc_mode"] == "realname":
if ip == hostname:
dispip = ip
dispip = "%s/%s" % (hostname, ip)
self.write("USER %s bleh bleh :%s - %s" % (ident, dispip, realname))
self.write("USER %s bleh bleh %s" % (ident, ip))
if pass_ is not None:
self.write("PASS :%s" % pass_)
self.write("NICK %s" % nick)
self.factory.client = self
def __str__(self):
return "<QWebIRCClient: %s!%s@%s>" % (self.__nickname, self.factory.ircinit["ident"], self.factory.ircinit["ip"])
def connectionLost(self, reason):
if self.lastError:
self.disconnect("Connection to IRC server lost: %s" % self.lastError)
self.disconnect("Connection to IRC server lost.")
self.factory.client = None
basic.LineReceiver.connectionLost(self, reason)
def error(self, message):
self.lastError = message
self.write("QUIT :qwebirc exception: %s" % message)
def disconnect(self, reason):
self("disconnect", reason)
class QWebIRCFactory(protocol.ClientFactory):
protocol = QWebIRCClient
def __init__(self, publisher, **kwargs):
self.client = None
self.publisher = publisher
self.ircinit = kwargs
def write(self, data):
def error(self, reason):
def clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason):
protocol.ClientFactory.clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason)
self.publisher.event(["disconnect", "Connection to IRC server failed."])
def createIRC(*args, **kwargs):
f = QWebIRCFactory(*args, **kwargs)
server = config.irc["server"]
port = config.irc["port"]
bind_ip = config.irc["bind_ip"]
bindToAddress = None
if bind_ip:
bindToAddress = (bind_ip, 0)
if config.irc["ssl"]:
from twisted.internet.ssl import ClientContextFactory
reactor.connectSSL(server, port, f, ClientContextFactory(), bindAddress=bindToAddress)
reactor.connectTCP(server, port, f, bindAddress=bindToAddress)
return f
if __name__ == "__main__":
e = createIRC(lambda x: 2, nick="slug__moo", ident="mooslug", ip="", realname="mooooo", hostname="")
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