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atheme irc services - python web interface
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atheme-web - an actually working web interface for Services

Due to popular demand, we have created a web interface for Atheme.  Total
development time so far: about 4 hours.

Some things are working, other things are not yet.  Code is accepted.


Python Paste (Debian: python-paste)
Python 2.5 or later

Installation instructions

1. Make sure services has XMLRPC enabled.

2. $EDITOR athemeweb/, edit config values appropriately.

3. Optionally change static/style.css and static/logo.png.  I for one,
   do not think you are the StaticBox IRC network.

4. python

5. Enjoy.

In reality, you probably want to use mod_wsgi or something.  You can find
a mod_wsgi configuration script at atheme-web.wsgi.  Then you want to do
something like:

    WSGIScriptAlias / /path/to/atheme-web/atheme-web.wsgi

You MUST edit the atheme-web.wsgi so that it can find the application
modules.  Instructions are included inside the atheme-web.wsgi file.

Running atheme-web with is insecure (it puts the application
into development mode) and not recommended.

Do NOT run atheme-web as root.


Mostly the channel integration and account tab need to be finished up.  We
are also interested in ALIS integration for obvious reasons.


Report bugs to against the SRVWEB (Atheme Services - Web)
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