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* Copyright (C) 2006 Atheme Development Group
* Rights to this code are as documented in doc/LICENSE.
* Data structures for sourceinfo
struct sourceinfo_vtable
const char *description;
void (*cmd_fail)(sourceinfo_t *si, faultcode_t code, const char *message);
void (*cmd_success_nodata)(sourceinfo_t *si, const char *message);
void (*cmd_success_string)(sourceinfo_t *si, const char *result, const char *message);
const char *(*get_source_name)(sourceinfo_t *si);
const char *(*get_source_mask)(sourceinfo_t *si);
const char *(*get_oper_name)(sourceinfo_t *si);
const char *(*get_storage_oper_name)(sourceinfo_t *si);
/* structure describing data about a protocol message or service command */
struct sourceinfo_
object_t parent;
/* fields describing the source of the message */
/* for protocol modules, the following applies to su and s:
* at most one of these two can be non-NULL
* before server registration, both are NULL, otherwise exactly
* one is NULL.
* for services commands, s is always NULL and su is non-NULL if
* and only if the command was received via IRC.
user_t *su; /* source, if it's a user */
server_t *s; /* source, if it's a server */
connection_t *connection; /* physical connection cmd received from */
const char *sourcedesc; /* additional information (e.g. IP address) */
myuser_t *smu; /* login associated with source */
/* the service the original command was sent to, which may differ
* from the service the current command is in
service_t *service;
channel_t *c; /* channel this command applies to (fantasy?) */
struct sourceinfo_vtable *v; /* function pointers, could be NULL */
void *callerdata; /* opaque data pointer for caller */
unsigned int output_limit; /* if not 0, limit lines of output */
unsigned int output_count; /* lines of output upto now */
language_t *force_language; /* locale to force replies to be in, could be NULL */
command_t *command; /* The command being executed. Needed when one function handles
more than one command. */
/* vim:cinoptions=>s,e0,n0,f0,{0,}0,^0,=s,ps,t0,c3,+s,(2s,us,)20,*30,gs,hs
* vim:ts=8
* vim:sw=8
* vim:noexpandtab
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