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* Copyright (C) 2005 William Pitcock, et al.
* Rights to this code are as documented in doc/LICENSE.
* Data structures related to network servers.
#ifndef SERVERS_H
#define SERVERS_H
typedef struct tld_ tld_t;
/* servers struct */
struct server_
char *name;
char *desc;
char *sid;
unsigned int hops;
unsigned int users;
unsigned int invis;
unsigned int opers;
unsigned int away;
time_t connected_since;
unsigned int flags;
server_t *uplink; /* uplink server */
mowgli_list_t children; /* children linked to me */
mowgli_list_t userlist; /* users attached to me */
#define SF_HIDE 0x00000001
#define SF_EOB 0x00000002 /* Burst finished (we have all users/channels) -- jilles */
#define SF_EOB2 0x00000004 /* Is EOB but an uplink is not (for P10) */
#define SF_JUPE_PENDING 0x00000008 /* Sent SQUIT request, will introduce jupe when it dies (unconnect semantics) */
#define SF_MASKED 0x00000010 /* Is masked, has no own name (for ircnet) */
/* tld list struct */
struct tld_ {
char *name;
/* server related hooks */
typedef struct {
server_t *s;
/* space for reason etc here */
} hook_server_delete_t;
#define SERVER_NAME(serv) ((serv)->sid ? (serv)->sid : (serv)->name)
#define ME (ircd->uses_uid ? me.numeric :
/* servers.c */
E mowgli_patricia_t *servlist;
E mowgli_list_t tldlist;
E void init_servers(void);
E tld_t *tld_add(const char *name);
E void tld_delete(const char *name);
E tld_t *tld_find(const char *name);
E server_t *server_add(const char *name, unsigned int hops, server_t *uplink, const char *id, const char *desc);
E void server_delete(const char *name);
E server_t *server_find(const char *name);
/* vim:cinoptions=>s,e0,n0,f0,{0,}0,^0,=s,ps,t0,c3,+s,(2s,us,)20,*30,gs,hs
* vim:ts=8
* vim:sw=8
* vim:noexpandtab
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