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old [svn] - the new plan:
sgml/oper-guide Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
technical server: Require EX and IE capabilities (+e and +I cmodes).
CIDR.txt [svn] - the new plan:
Hybrid-team [svn] - the new plan: doc: Example configuration renamed to ircd.conf.example
README.cidr_bans [svn] - the new plan:
Ratbox-team [svn] - the new plan:
Tao-of-IRC.940110 [svn] - the new plan:
account-notify.txt account-notify spec: with the extended-join capability, doing a WHO o…
away-notify.txt Add away-notify client capability.
challenge.txt [svn] - the new plan:
collision_fnc.txt [svn] Fix description of 043 numeric.
extban.txt doc/extban: Correct description of EXTBAN token in 005.
extended-join.txt doc/extended-join.txt: Document CAP extended-join.
hooks.txt [svn] Move new_local_user hook, so it is possible to call
index.txt Chase change from example.conf to ircd.conf.example in various places.
ircd.8 ircd manpage: remove references to ircd.conf(5) (closes #91)
ircd.conf.example Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
ircd.motd [svn] - the new plan:
logfiles.txt Removing glines
modeg.txt [svn] callerid (+g) documentation:
modes.txt [svn] - the new plan:
monitor.txt 'monitor s' output does not end with RPL_ENDOFMONLIST.
operguide.txt [svn] - the new plan:
opermyth.txt [svn] - the new plan:
reference.conf Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
sasl.txt doc/sasl.txt: forgot to wrap lines and sort references
server-version-info Keep gline information in server version and capab listings
services.txt WHOIS 330 (services login name) does not need a remote whois.
tgchange.txt Add target change for channels.


$Id: README.cidr_bans 6 2005-09-10 01:02:21Z nenolod $ 

Basically what this patch does is allow for users to use cidr masks when
setting bans, exceptions, and invite invex(modes beI respectively).  This
works for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.  

I won't go into details of how cidr works here, but to use them, you could
do something like:

/mode #foo +b *!*@ 
/mode #foo +e *!*@

Aaron Sethman <>
August 06, 2002

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