This is the Yammer adapter for hubot that allows you to send a message to him with Yammer and he will happily reply the same way.
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Hubot Yammer Adapter

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This is the Yammer adapter for Hubot that allows communication in Yammer public groups.


  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Set environment variables (below)
  • Run hubot with bin/hubot -a yammer -n name

Yammer account and token

  • Create a new account for your bot in your Yammer domain
  • Sign in as the new user
  • Register an API application at
  • Take note of the token you're given (copy it to HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESS_TOKEN)
  • Currently you also need to create at least one public group for your bot


You will need to set environment variables to use this adapter:


% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESS_TOKEN="access_token"
% heroku config:add HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"

You will also need to change the process type from `app` to `web` in the `Procfile`.

Non-Heroku environment variables

% export HUBOT_YAMMER_ACCESS_TOKEN="access_token"
% export HUBOT_YAMMER_GROUPS="groups list"


Just send a pull request if needed or file an issue!


Copyright © Aurélien Thieriot. See LICENSE for details.


Mikeal for his great and simple libraries node-yammer

Mathilde Lemee from wich I shamefully fork the code of hubot-twitter

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