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Pun Tracker

Pun Tracker is an attempt to provide different implementations of the same application

Like TodoMVC but for server side languages


The Pun Tracker application should stay minimalistic but cover enough piece of a backend stack. Such as:


  • A core language
  • Access to a database
  • View rendering via templates
  • Forms validation
  • File uploading
  • In general, any user interaction should access the server


  • Pagination
  • Unit tests
  • Authentication


  • And functionals test?
  • Deployement?
  • Special assets (Coffee, SASS)

The Application

Pun Tracker can contain three pages:

  • The index page should display Puns, let users delete them and vote for their favourite
  • A page that let you submit Puns. A simple text ond an image.

  • A page that let you create a User (Or modify your profile)

Current examples

ScalaPlay 2H2 In Memory


  • Play2: Slick don't like the "delete" keyword
  • Test Suite: Getting better at selectors
  • Need to have a consistent design


If you want to add your own implementation of Pun Trackr in your favourite language, it's simple. (And much appreciated ^^)

First, make sure your favourite framework is not already in the list. If it's the case, feel free to propose improvements!

If not:

  • create a new branch (It will make the Pull Request easier)
  • Have fun
  • Validate your application against the Casper suite by running ./run-tests -s server-address
  • Push your code and create a Pull Request!


Making CasperJS tests to valid implementation of everything

Same thing for API and command line tools

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