create development environment to work on apache2 (httpd) modules
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#Intro# this project sets up a development environment for apache modules

it uses vagrant to create an ubuntu vm that has all the required build tools to create and debug apache modules.


  • clone the repo

    git clone git://

  • install vagrant

    gem install bundler; bundle install

  • create the virtual machine

    vagrant up

  • ssh into the machine

    vagrant ssh cd /vagrant

  • compile your module

    `apxs2 -c apache-2.2.xx/modules/experimental/mod_example.c


  • configure apache the way that you want it
  • make a copy of the module source you want to change
  • use apxs2 to compile it and link it to the modules directory


  • apache runtime is in /usr/lib/apache2. You'll find the module subdirectory there


  • I had originally tried to install the source into the /vagrant directory so that a developer would be able to use their native OS to editor the source for the module but ran into an issue with VirtualBox not being able to symlink in a shared foler -