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Athliit Open Data

Open Data Endpoint - a feed of the event data from


The data is published to conform to Openactive Realtime Paged Data Exchange 0.2.3.

Issues, Questions and Comments

Please raise any issues, questions or comments as a new issue in this repository.

Data Fields

Data Field Example Value Description
"id" 42831 Internal ID of the event
"name" "Mikenta" Self Explanatory
"slug" "mikenta" Alias for page where event can be found
"description" " Very nice boxing and martial arts club " Self Explanatory
"url" "" Route for specific event
"show_participants" "true/false" If the event should have a list that shows the participants
"start" "2016-10-20T17:22:49+0200" YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+miliseconds
"end" "2016-10-20T17:46:40+0200" -
"last_ticket day" "2016-10-16T03:34:24+0200" -
"ticket_types" "Contains json of each ticket type the event has, each having obvious properties" An object containing subobjects of all ticket types available
"location" "Contains json of location the event takes place at, with self explanatory properties" An object containing info about the event location
"image" "" url of event image on server
"page" "Contains json of all information related the athliit club page that the event can be found on" An object ontaining info about the club page the event resides in


Date Changes
12/08/2016 Initial version published