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* bug as shown with netcat (w/ small 16 byte object reproduces)
>>I've done the following script to check that memcached has a key in it's
>>inside, and thus know that it's working correctly:
>>echo -e "get is_ok\r\nquit\r\n" | netcat $host $ip
>>and I find that sometimes it returns the VALUE in it's inside, but other
* namespaces
* binary get protocol
* refresh/touch command.
* finer granularity of time for flush_all/delete, or generation number.
* slab class reassignment still buggy and can crash. once that's
stable, server should re-assign pages every 60 seconds or so
to keep all classes roughly equal. [Update: fixed now?, but
not heavily tested. Future: make slab classes, with per-class
cleaners functions.]
* calendar queue for early expirations of items, so they don't push
out other objects with infinite expirations.
* curr_items never decreases? mailing list report.
* memcached to listen on more than one IP. mailing list request.