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Mipow — Example code to inspire your own Homey app.

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This repository serves as inspiration for your own Homey app, to help you understand Homey Apps SDK concepts in a real-life context.

Read the Homey Apps SDK Documentation for more information about developing apps for Homey.

Because this repository is a clone of the live code, pull requests will be ignored.

What does this app do?

The Mipow app uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with a variety of Mipow lights.

To make sure the lights turn on and off quickly the connection will not be closed. However, a polling mechanism has been implemented to synchronize the colors of the lights with Homey and quickly reconnect in case a light has been manually turned off.

Each type of Mipow device can be identified by a service UUID which is exposed in the advertisement. The lights are being set by writing to the color characteristic 0000fffc00001000800000805f9b34fb or to the animation characteristic 0000fffb00001000800000805f9b34fb.

Read more about developing Bluetooth Low Energy apps for Homey at


Mipow — Example code to inspire your own Homey app.