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Energy-friendly Homey dashboard πŸƒ
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package.json commit message Apr 26, 2019 is an open-source project for wall-mounted Homey dashboards.

While initially created for e-ink readers, due to their low-power consumption, there is no reason why other tablets won't work.


A theming system is in place to add support for multiple devices. Currently only Kobo H2O is supported, but pull requests with support for other devices are welcome.

See /app/css/themes for the themes' css. To add a theme, simply add a file. The theme will be loaded when visiting<THEME_ID>.

Current themes:

  • Kobo Aura H2O (?theme=kobo-h2o)
  • Kobo Aura HD (?theme=kobo-aura-hd)
  • Web browser (?theme=web)


New themes to add support for devices are accepted when the pull request includes:

  • A screenshot of the theme, made on the device (place in /assets/devices/<THEME_ID>/screenshot.png)
  • A real-world photo of the device running the theme (place in /assets/devices/<THEME_ID>/photo.png)


To run this locally:

npm i -g serve
git clone
serve -p 5000 app

Then visit http://localhost:5000/?token=<TOKEN>&theme=<THEME_ID>.

Your token can be acquired by visiting and looking in the console after logging in.

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