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Generic class to map Z-Wave CommandClasses to Homey capabilities
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This repository is deprecated in favor of node-homey-meshdriver, which is made for Homey Apps SDK v2.


Generic class to map Z-Wave CommandClasses to Homey capabilities, for faster Z-Wave App development.

Z-Wave docs

Please also read the Homey Z-Wave docs here:


cd /path/to/com.your.homeyapp/
git submodule add node_modules/homey-zwavedriver
cd node_modules/homey-zwavedriver
npm install


File: /drivers/mydriver/driver.js

'use strict';

const ZwaveDriver = require('homey-zwavedriver');

module.exports = new ZwaveDriver('mydriver', {
	debug: false, // set to true to view all incoming events
	capabilities: {
		'onoff': {
			'command_class'				: 'COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY',
			'command_get'				: 'SWITCH_BINARY_GET',
			'command_set'				: 'SWITCH_BINARY_SET',
			'command_set_parser'		: function( value ){
				return {
					'Switch Value': value
			'command_report'			: 'SWITCH_BINARY_REPORT',
			'command_report_parser'		: function( report ){
				return report['Value'] === 'on/enable';
			'getOnWakeUp': true, // if set to true and device is battery powered this capability will perform a GET everytime the device wakes up
			'getOnStart': true, // if set to true when the driver initializes the get will be executed
		'measure_power': {
			'command_class'				: 'COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL',
			'command_get'				: 'SENSOR_MULTILEVEL_GET',
			'command_report'			: 'SENSOR_MULTILEVEL_REPORT',
			'command_report_parser'		: function( report ){
				return report['Sensor Value (Parsed)'];
			'pollInterval': "poll_interval", // The amount of seconds between asking the device for a status update (poll_interval should be defined in app.json settings)
			'optional': true // if device variably advertises a command class (e.g. cc battery when dc-powered) set this variable to true to prevent crashes
	beforeInit: (token, callback) => {
	    // this method is called right before the initialization of a device (before it gets marked as available)
	settings: {
		'always_on': {
			'index': 1,
			'size': 1
		'led_ring_color_on': {
			'index': 61,
			'size': 1,

			// define a custom parser method (optional)
			'parser': function( newValue, newSettings, deviceData ) {
				return new Buffer([ parseInt(newValue) ]);
		'led_ring_color_off': {
			'index': 62,
			'size': 1
		'sensitivity': {
			'index': 63,
			'size': 1,

			// set signed to false to let (0, 255) scale to (0x00, 0xFF)
			// otherwise the domain is (-128, 127) for size=1
			'signed': false
		'custom_setting': function( newValue, oldValue, deviceData ) {

			// For using a custom setting in the driver
	// If the device needs a specific way of waking up so parameters can be send,
	// you can create your own message as a dynamic function or static object, when the user presses save.
	'customSaveMessage': function ( newSettings, oldSettings, changedKeysArr, deviceData ) {
		// Your magic for creating a dynamic settings save message
		return {
			'en': 'Your wake up message'
	'customSaveMessage': {
		'en': 'Your wake up message'
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