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Gitter - The Hackathon Community Wiki

This a project to build a wiki to help document how to get involved and organise hackathons.

If you are curious about the sites stats, check out!


Thanks for taking an interest in our project!

The site is built with:

If you want to help out, but don't know were to get started check the open issues!

We don't bite and will work with you to make sure your contribution gets merged in!

If you would prefer more realtime communitcation, the project recently moved to gitter, while a little empty right now @bahorn is actively on gitter. You can connect with your prefered matrix client as well!

Adding events

The list of events is stored in events.yml, sorted by season.

You just need to feel in your events info like so:

        - name: Example Hackathon
          location: The Internet
          when: 31st December 2020
          attendees: 1000
          digital: true

If you don't feel comfortable editing the event list directly, please feel free to open a new issue with our New Event template.

Writing Content

The site is written in Markdown, with multiple special features available to use!

First, put your content in the appropriate sub directory under docs/. Make sure your file ends with .md as otherwise mkdocs won't pick it up!

Then, you can add a link to the sites navigation by changing the nav section in mkdocs.yml.

For example, to add a new document to the organise section:

  - Organise:
      - Example Section:
          - Your File: 'path/to/your/'

Paths do not need to include docs/ as that is where mkdocs checks by default.

You can include HTML in the page, and also use Jinja2 Templates, but worth checking if it's really needed. This is how we implemented the event list, hexbin and family tree.

Static resources go in docs/static/. If you are contributing something like and example budget, it'll get in docs/static/documents/.

Markdown Extentions

We have the following enabled:

  • Admonition - Allows adding block content, for things like warnings, etc.
  • Footnotes - Allows adding footnotes to the bottom of your page.

Feel free to open an issue to suggest enabling another one!

Changing parts of layout / theme

We have static css stored under docs/static/css/, where you can find various stylesheets.

Add your stylesheet to extra_css in mkdocs.yml if you need it to be included on every page.

The theme folder contains templates that can be used to override a specific pages theme, and partials which can be included to add new components.

You can find documentation on how this feature here

Running Locally

If you want to work on the site locally, you can setup it up by doing the following:

virtualenv -p python3 .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

And then run the development server with:

mkdocs serve