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Colossal Cave for VM/CMS

Important note: I didn't write this port of Colossal Cave. I don't know who did. My only role here was rescuing it from the Internet Archive, since it's no longer hosted at, and then running it through some converters to get files in a form that people without VM/CMS can easily use.

Adam Thornton, 15 May 2016


The VMARC file was unpacked with Leland Lucius's VMA. ( )


The ASCII subdirectory contains the results of unpacking with vma -a.

EBCDIC is the native unpacking.

You can try this with iconv or dd, but the record length is tricky and everything ends up on one big line unless you're really careful. Using vma is a lot easier.


Not sure I've ever compiled anything for PL/I in VM/CMS, but assuming you can get your hands on a compiler, the ASSEMBLE files clearly are callable subroutines used by the main PL/I program. RANDU.FORTRAN seems to be a PRNG.

The project to build a PL/I front end to GCC apparently stalled out in 2007.

IBM will sell you a PL/I compiler, of course, but that probably does not help. And they don't sell it for Linux or VM/CMS. You could get an AIX 60-day trial.

Iron Spring has a closed-source compiler for OS/2 and Linux (x86, presumably), which appears to be free-to-use at least for now:

However, it's not at all clear you'd actually want to run this version; it appears to be not significantly different from all the other 350-point Adventure versions out there.


ADVENTURE (350-point Colossal Cave) sources for VM/CMS, with ASCIIfication



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