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Image bundler, for web efficiency
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Image bundler

Image bundling is a web optimization for using lot of small picture in a web page. Image bundler take a folder with a lot of images and build a big one. With CSS, you crop the part of the big picture you wont to use. PNG compression is better in a large picture than in the sum of small ones. Loading a lot of small files is inneficient : there is latency for establishing each connection, and only few downloads can be parralilized.

GWT use this trick for an efficient toolbar's pictures downloading.

A simple test with Adium's images :
  • Folder size : 420K
  • Pure image bundle : 248K
  • Optipnged image : 240K

60% diet for all this images.


PIL is the only dependency, the setup will fetch it.

python build
sudo python install


bundler someFolder

Bundler will try to open every file it can handle.

You should use pngcrush or optipng for a perfect optimisation.

Bundler builds a big PNG file, a cute CSS file and an ugly HTML test file.


GPL v3.

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