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What is Ditaa

Ditaa is a magical wand wich convert ascii-art scheme into nice picture. The original tool only work as a command line tool. This variants bring ditaa to webservice hype.

Now, ditaa can be efficiently used from a webserver (as a wiki filter), even in a mutualised server.

Use DAS, Ditaa As a Service

Put ditaa_web.war in your favorite servlet container (glassfish, jetty, tomcat ...). From the client side, Ditaa is accessed with a simple POST request with this arguments :

  • ditaa the scheme.
  • no-antialias
  • no-shadows
  • scale
  • round-corners
  • no-separations

Don't forget to add caching.

A PHP and Python example are provided.

Build it


This project use Maven2 for its build. Maven will download a lot of craps, but after that, you wille be able to test it without pain.

$ cd java
$ mvn jetty:run

You can test it at http://localhost:8080/DitaaWeb/ditaa

$ mvn package

Build the war packet for your servlet container

Snow leopard provides a decent maven2, and any linux must have a package with maven2


Php doesn't need build. Just copy the class and reads the example.


Read the source, and try it. You can hack the webservice url with your own servlet :

$ cd python
$ ./


Trac is a nice bug tracker with a wiki tool. The work is stolen from the graphviz module

$ cd trac
$ python install


Drupal is a CMS. Drupal-Ditaa got its own github.

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