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Subtitler is a small tool for downloading subtitles from,
contains a simple library for theirs XML-RPC API.

Right now you can download subtitles for films, series by hash or just write
search query and manage searching by your self. It is automatic tool and
suitable for automatic downloading, you will LOVE IT!

In next few days/weeks I want to add a simple Qt frontend suitable for doing
Krusader's action or any other file manager's action. It will be usable by media
players too, at least I hope.


	usage: subtitler [-h] [-l lang] [-q] [-d] file/query [file/query ...]

	Subtitles downloader

	positional arguments:
	file/query  video files or query

	optional arguments:
	-h, --help  show this help message and exit
	-l lang     Subtitles language (default: cze)
	-q          Search subtitle (by fulltext)
	-d          Download subtitles for files (by hash)


	subtitler -d *.avi
	subtitler -d video1.avi video2.mkv video3.mp4
	subtitler -q The best film ever
	subtitler -q "The best film ever"
	subtitler -l eng -d *.avi
	subtitler -l eng,cze -d *.avi


	As root run this command:

		pip install subtitler

	If you have a source on your computer, run:

		python install

	As a normal user, prefer first option.

	If you want upgrade subtitler, use pip:

		pip install subtitler --upgrade
	Or reinstall it from source.


	* Upload of subtitles
	* Own API code
	* Remeber language selection (usefull for other langs than mine)



	* Better error handling
	* Other langs support

This program is released under BSD licence. Be free use it for anything, just
write there my name, thanks.