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Async worker for PHP, with a little help from Redis.

For now, it's just a POC.

Why should I use this?

  • You want to launch a task without waiting for the result
  • You want to do heavy stuff, using all your CPUs, even all your servers
  • You want to handle async events, like xmpp connection
  • You want to try Redis

Testing it

Launch Redis


In differents terminals, launch some workers

php test.php --worker

In an other terminal, lauch the test

php test.php --async

Another test, the classic map/reduce, just like Google :

Launch some workers:

./worker-start test_mapreduce.php

worker-start is a simple bash tool to launch and detach 25 workers.

And one client:

php  test_mapreduce.php --mapreduce

Don't forget to kill them all, when your test is finished

killall php


The pattern is the classical map-reduce :

You've got a pool of workers, dispatched between cpu cores, or even in different servers. The main application send events via a Redis list, with function name and serialized arguments. Worker use infinite loop, when its job is finished, it poll the task list, waiting for a new job. Responses and errors came back with a Redis list.

The big picture of the map reduce test.

Big picture

You don't have to wait for each http download sequentialy, you can parralelized and saving time. With 1 worker, 10 urls take 10 seconds, with 4 workers, it only take 3.7 seconds.

require 'lib/worker.php';

function getTitle($url) {
    $html = file_get_contents("http://$url");
    if($html == FALSE) {
        throw new Exception("can't fetch url");
    preg_match('/<title>(.*)<\/title>/i', $html, $matches);
    return html_entity_decode($matches[1]);

if($argv[1] == '--mapreduce') {
    $sites = array(
    $worker = new Worker();
    foreach($worker->batch('getTitle', $sites) as $title) {
        echo " $title\n";

Features and todo

  • √ Fire and forget
  • √ Map-reduce
  • _ Multiple queue
  • _ Watching worker with something like Launchtool
  • √ Handling errors
  • _ XMPP example
  • _ http frontend
  • _ metrics
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