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Reading Aspell grammar format and exposing the result as a plain JSON. Now you can implement your automat with any language, any variants.

Soon, a Java Lucene Filter, python, cython, ruby, javascript…


From pypi:

sudo pip install aphone

Or from source:

python build
sudo python install


Download a dictionnary from Aspell or find it in your Linux. In Ubuntu, they are in /usr/lib/aspell/ folder.

On OSX, macbrew will do the job:

brew install aspell --with-lang-fr

Now, you are looking a file like fr.dat if you are looking for fr dictionnary.

aphone path/to/fr.dat

It will print phonetic rules as a json.

You can test one word:

aphone path/to/fr.dat carotte

It answers



It's a tool which generate JSON for other tools, why not GPL like GCC?

GPL v3.