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Write some slides in markdown, choose a style and slide'em up displays them in HTML5.
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Slide'em up

Slide'em up is a presentation tool. You write some slides in markdown, choose a style and it displays it in HTML5. With a browser in full-screen, you can make amazing presentations!

How to do your first presentation with Slide'em up?

  1. Install slide-em-up: gem install slide-em-up
  2. Create a directory for your presentation: mkdir foobar && cd foobar
  3. Create a section for your slides: mkdir main_section
  4. Write some slides: vim main_section/

    !SLIDE # My First slide # It's awesome

    !SLIDE # My second slide # This rocks too!

  5. Write the presentation.json file with the metadata:

    { "title": "My first presentation", "theme": "shower", "sections": ["main_section"] }

  6. Launch the tool: slide-em-up

  7. Open your browser on http://localhost:9000/
  8. Use the arrows keys to navigate between the slides

Markup for the slides

This slides are writen in Markdown and !SLIDE is the indicator for a new slide.


# Title of the first slide #
## A subtitle ##
And some text...

# Another slide #

* a
* bullet
* list

# Third slide #

1. **bold**
2. _italics_

Syntax Highlighting

To highlight some code in your slides, you have to install pygments. Then, surround your code with backticks like this:

class Foobar
  def baz
    puts "Foobar says baz"


Several themes are available: shower, 3d_slideshow and html5rocks. To choose the theme for your presentation, edit the presentation.json file and change the "theme" element.

Remote Control

When your start slide-em-up in console, a message says something like:

Your remote key is 652df

This remote key can be used to send actions to browsers that display the presentation. For example, this command goes to the next line:

curl http://localhost:9000/remote/652df/next

The last part of the URL is the action and can be next, prev, up or down.

It's also possible to force slide-em-up to use a specific remote key by setting the APIKEY environment variable:

APIKEY=foobar slide-em-up


  • Same command line stuff than showoff
  • Add a showoff theme for compatibility
  • Many more themes and features

Issues or Suggestions

Found an issue or have a suggestion? Please report it on Github's issue tracker.

If you wants to make a pull request, please check the specs before:



Scott Chacon is the guy who made ShowOff. Slide'em up is only a copy of ShowOff, where sinatra was replaced by Goliath.

Themes were picked from the internet. Thanks to:

  • Hakim El Hattab for 3d_slideshow
  • Google for html5rocks
  • Vadim Makeev for shower

Copyright (c) 2011 Bruno Michel Released under the MIT license

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