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Automagically call nanomsg from Python with 2 lines of D code
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Call nanomsg from Python using D as the glue layer

This repository is an example of using D's powerful metaprogramming features to enable calling C code from Python without having to write any code at all.

To package all needed dependencies to build and run the example, there is a Dockerfile but the container doesn't need to be manually built. Just:

  • Run docker/ This will build the Docker container and run bash within it.
  • Run make as soon as you get a bash prompt in the container. This will build a Python extension then run Python tests that call into the nanomsg C library.

That's it. The user code that enables the magic seen in that Python file is 4 lines in two files.

The library code that enables it is in two dub packages: autowrap and dpp.

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