HTML5 mobile web app game powered by Heroku and Salesforce
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HTML5 mobile web app game powered by Heroku and Salesforce

This is an entry for a CloudSpokes challenge.

Live presentation:


  • Our favorite cheezburger cat meme is finally arrived as a mobile game!
  • Game can be opened right from mobile browser (iPhone users should add it to their home screen for maximum experience, and there are in-game instructions for this)
  • Using Geolocation API for locating the nearest franchise location from salesforce records, score is submitted specifically to that store
  • Using W3C motion API for controlling the game (tilting the phone)
  • All kind of crazy CSS transforms
  • Using cache manifest for fast loading
  • Leaderboard/High Score based on specific store location
  • Tested on iPhone 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S2


  • conf/config.json contains all salesforce related OAuth2 credentials you need for basic setup (You need to generate OAuth credentials in, under the menu Develop -> Remote Access, and copy the client ID, secret and callback fields to the config. For username use your username, for passwordAndToken use your password + a token generated by My Personal Information -> Reset My Security Token)
  • If you need to modify backend logic (for example you need a bit different fields, etc.), it's very straightforward in the /lib/salesforce-connector.js file (it is using the node-salesforce library to connect to Salesforce)
  • If you want to customize the UI, you will find the css/images in the /web directory

Run locally

  • Install necessary node.js libraries with npm install
  • Launch the web server with node ./server.js

Deployment on Heroku

  • Issue heroku create [app-name] --stack cedar in a terminal, then clone the prompted git URL
  • Copy content of this repository to the empty heroku repo
  • git commit -a and git push origin master to push&deploy the repository on heroku
  • heroku open will open your brand new application in a browser relations

The sample setup is the following (according to the challenge requirements):

  • Account__c object with lat__c and long__c fields, which are Number(3, 6) data types. This is a list of franchise locations.
  • Patron name is stored in patron__c object with field Name. Basically they are the users of our game.
  • Each score submission is stored in score__c object with field points__c, with lookup relationship to account and patron.

When a user submits a score, a new score record is always created. A new patron record is also created, if the patron's name did not exist before.


MIT license